Yes, You Can

I know musicians whom were really at the peak of their potential walk away from the business. They became frustrated. That’s so easy to do in this industry. Really, in any form of entertainment, you probably will hear the word “NO” more so than the average human being. Having a thick skin is essential in this business, whether you’re a solo artist looking for a record deal, a band just trying to get some recognition, or an air personality looking for a gig. Record promoters trying to get airplay have heard the word no more than Gilbert Godfried trying to get a date. It’s an old cliche’, but true. It helps to be in the right place at the right time. Now, more than in the history of records, radio, airplay, and popular music in general, is perhaps the time folks that have talent are finding ways of being noticed by somebody. But, to be fair, the word is out, so there are twice as many folks out there hustling that would have taken that day job and called it good as little as 5 years ago. How one defines success these days has really changed. Twenty years ago, there was no You Tube, iTunes, internet radio, affordable home recording studio gear. Promoters- the good ones- will find a niche for you somewhere. And snowballing that one inroad can merge you onto the six lane interstate in a short period of time. Who in their right mind would have believed, just by looking at her, that Susan Boyle would become a worldwide household name with an incredible voice, and a following to match? The woman was nearly 50 and has never married, claimed to have never been kissed, looked like Mrs. Doubtfire, but sounded like Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand rolled into one. She got her break from reality TV. Where did Taylor Swift come from? Four years ago, nobody besides her friends and family knew of her. Her success has been synonymous with her last name. Not even in her twenties yet, she has won some of the most prestigious awards in country, and an Emmy in this year’s VMA’s. Carrie Underwood? Yeah, another Idol kid, but, in just a few years, she has had platinum selling albums, and was given one of country music’s highest honors- an invitation to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Not bad….considering the invitation was done live, on stage, with Randy Travis as the host that night. Travis broke the news to her after Underwood overwhelmed the audience with her version of “I told you so”, a song that Travis took to number one years ago. From reality shows, to playing a small town gig, to knowing a promoter, to posting a well done piece online with video to match on You Tube- artists are being noticed today, now more than ever before. Go for your dream. You may get rejected here and there. The gain in the end, however, will surely outweigh the pain.