WYDL/Middleton, TN, WWFA/St. Florian, AL, Add Envision Networks’ Phone Jibba

FLYNN BROADCASTING Top 40 WYDL-F (HOT 100)/MIDDLETON, TN, and SOUTHERN BROADCASTING CORP. Top 40 WWFA-F (102.7 KISS FM)/ST. FLORIAN, AL. are now airing ENVISION NETWORKS’ “Phone Jibba,” the prank call feature created by LOCAL MEDIA SAN DIEGO Top 40 XHITZ (Z90.3)/SAN DIEGO’s top-rated morning man RICK MORTON

FLINN BROADCASTING GM MIKE BRANDT commented: “OK, this is totally off the record. I don’t want anyone to know we use the Phone Jibbas … ‘cause it makes people think we are funny because of ‘em.”

The daily feature includes five weekly prank calls that stations may use as many times as they like throughout the week.