WIXX/Green Bay Goes ‘Vikings-Less’ With Lizzo Song

When “Truth Hurts,” a 2017 song from ATLANTIC RECORDS’ artist LIZZO was included in the NETFLIX film “Someone Great,” it quickly went viral and began exploding on the airwaves. MIDWEST COMMUNICATIONS Top 40 WIXX (101 WIXX)/GREEN BAY, WI wanted to support the single, but before they did, they needed to make a fairly significant adjustment to the song.

In the chorus of the song LIZZO, a MINNEAPOLIS-based performer sings “…new man on the MINNESOTA VIKINGS.” Much like songs get edited for profanity, WIXX edited out references in the song to regional sports rival, without affecting the beat or rhythm of the song.

WIXX is GREEN BAY’s FM home of the PACKERS RADIO NETWORK game day broadcasts, weekly head coach interviews during the season and their night on-air personality JAYSON SLADE is the on-field game day entertainment host at LAMBEAU FIELD.

As music director OTIS DAY explains, “We knew playing a song with multiple references to the MINNESOTA VIKINGS was not going to work on WIXX. Making the edits really makes sense for our audience. I’m pretty sure no radio station in MINNEAPOLIS would play a song that references the GREEN BAY PACKERS multiple times.”