WHQC/Charlotte Changes ‘Channel 96.1’ To ‘The New Hits 96.1, All The Hits’

iHEARTMEDIA Top 40 WHQC (CHANNEL 96.1)/CHARLOTTE has rebranded as “The New HITS 96.1, All The Hits,” effective immediately. The on-air lineup remains the same, with Ace & TJ in mornings, RYAN SEACREST from 10a-noon, BROOKE MORRISON from noon to 3p, JORDAN in afternoon drive and RAPHAEL at night.

“CHARLOTTE is a very competitive market and these updates align the brand in a way that capitalizes on its current strengths,” PD A.J. said. “We’re excited to provide a fresh new experience for our listeners. This is an excellent opportunity for The New HITS 96.1 to be the home of the biggest hits and stars while allowing our audience to gain access to the greatest music and entertainment events in CHARLOTTE.”

“The New HITS 96.1 will bring a fresh, innovative approach to CHARLOTTE radio and digital listening,” iHEARTMEDIA/VIRGINIA-CAROLINA Region Pres. DAVE CARWILE said. “The new brand will also resonate more quickly with both listeners and advertisers to drive even better results.”