WASH/Washington, D.C. Names Kala Simmons Producer For Toby And Chilli Morning Show


iHEARTMEDIA AC WASH/WASHINGTON, D.C has appointed KALA SIMMONS to be the first-ever morning show producer for the TOBY AND CHILLI Morning Show, starting MONDAY, APRIL 16th. SIMMONS has been Assistant Digital Producer for THE KANE SHOW at sister Top 40 WIHT (HOT 99.5) for the past three years.

“Not too long ago, KALA was designated as one of the first apprentices under the union and iHEART collective bargaining agreement,” morning host TOBY KNAPP wrote in an in-house memo. “She went to our PD at HOT at the time, TOMMY, and said ‘I want in.’ She took the ball. Ran with it. Took the opportunity to grow and did so without complaining, working tirelessly to learn what she didn’t know, and to grow.

“She is the first in our cluster to go from Non-union part time as a paid ‘intern’ on KANE, to becoming an apprentice, who was made a part-time union weekend talent on HOT who is now a full-time member of the WASH team whom I believe will be integral to who we are all to become as WASH reaches for even greater heights.

“She did it all because she wanted it. And so she made it happen.”