Urban Escape Releases ‘Alone,’ its First Single from Upcoming Album

The alternative rock band Urban Escape has released “Alone,” its newest single, from its upcoming debut album “Open Sea.”

“We’re very excited to drop this brand new single and give our fans a taste of our new album set for release next month,” said Julio Mendoza, the band’s bassist and the song’s co-writer. “It’s also an opportunity for music fans to get to know our band and our sound from this great new track!”

The song, written with guitarist Rafael Picoli, explores the feelings of solitude and angst of youth despite living in today’s highly-connected society. It features the band’s trademark guitar-driven melodies and Mendoza’s accented bass riffs that compliment Picoli’s playing.

To download “Alone,” click https://music.apple.com/us/album/alone-single/1474814092 or visit iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and other online retailers.

“When we started to write the lyrics for this song we knew that we needed a heavy subject because it’s the heaviest song in the album, so Rafael was watching this documentary about schizophrenia and wrote the song about a guy that’s suffering from it with the paranoia and all that,” Mendoza said. “But after a while the song turned out to have a whole bigger meaning to us, since we’re all immigrants and moving to Los Angeles coming from Brazil which can be such a cultural shock and at some point, you will feel alone.”

The song is the newest release from the upcoming album, set for release in October which will feature the band’s eclectic sound which goes from hard rockers and bluesy tracks to danceable tunes and melodic ballads.  The song, like the album, is produced by five-time Grammy Award-winning music producer Lampadinha Lamps.

Formed in 2017, Urban Escape has been on the rise thanks to its string of hit singles and energetic live shows that feature hard-driving guitars, powerful vocals and unique harmonies. The band is made up of Mendoza on bass, Eric Urban on lead vocals and guitar, Picoli on guitar, Lucas Bidran on drums.

For more information on Urban Escape, visit www.urbanescapemusic.com or follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/urbanescapemusic and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/urbanescapemusic.