Ultra-Creative Producer J Tizzle Combines Electronica, Dark-Pop and R&B in new Single “Fan-Ta-See”

J Tizzle isn’t a prude when it comes to music influences drawing from hip-hop, electronic, ambient, and more other styles than could even be named.  Filter that through his artistic mind and top-level skills as a Producer and the results are often stunning, while still remaining personal and direct.  In-great demand after his last few releases, J Tizzle has brought KayJay on board for his new single “Fan-Ta-See” that stretches the boundaries of the Indiana-based artist perhaps the furthest yet.

“It’s been interesting hearing the responses to ‘Fan-Ta-See’, especially some who have even said the song is a bit eerie, which is a first,”  commented J Tizzle.  “Music is my way of expressing myself and I let it carry me to far distances while remaining true to my roots.  Having KayJay join me on the track makes it even more special.”

Past J Tizzle releases like “Symphonic Rain” and “Electronic Music” has helped get both his name out there and raise his independent label’s profile as new fans come over to appreciate his unique style.  J Tizzle Muzic itself also releases other creative independent artists not afraid to march to a different drummer while still creating music that makes emotions rise, people dance, and fans to want more.

The goal of many hip-hop and R&B artists is just to make a hit, for J Tizzle this is clearly not the case.  He is putting his all into creating music that opens up closed pathways and helps people think.  In today’s age of carbon copy performers, what could be better?

J Tizzle’s “Fan-Ta-See” featuring KayJay is available as a download on Amazon, iTunes and across all the other major digital platforms, along with a professionally produced video that’s been uploaded on YouTube.

For more information be sure to visit https://www.jtizzlemuzic.com.  Stay part of the conversation on social media at https://twitter.com/JTizzlemuzic