TROPE Release New Single “Breach”

TROPE announced today the release of their the new single “Breach”, from their upcoming debut album Eleutheromania. “Breach” is Engineered by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith) and Mixed by Trope guitarist/producer Dave Thompson.

“What you love has taken you so far as to make everything that came before worth it.” 

Lead singer and writer Diana Studenberg tells us that “Breach is about fighting for the thing you love and what that journey can look like. The song centres around feeling stuck in all aspects: Allowing relationships that are hostage situations to govern, lying to oneself about ones reality and not knowing how to escape ones very own ‘Groundhog Day’.”

The saving grace for this phase is our own personal reconnection to faith. 

Diana delves deeper. “The second half is about not having to answer to or justify your love to anyone. People will ‘dangle carrots’ and try to use what you love against you. But there is no unbreakable wall – so long as you stand firm and stay true to your course.
The chorus is a departure from the dirt the verses swim in. It’s that beautiful ascension beyond the sense of a Sisyphean struggle. You’re way past that place you were in, and no longer have to bow to or follow those who’ve tried to cripple your progress and emotional being.”

TROPE is a female fronted art rock band based in Hollywood, Los Angeles that melds polyrhythmic grooves and progressive melodies. Their music first approach can be heard on their debut album Eleutheromania, meaning a manic zeal for freedom.

For more information, please contact manager Paul D. Spriggs