Taylor Swift Trial, Day Four: ‘I Saw His Hand Grab Her Ass’

TAYLOR SWIFT’s longtime photographer, STEPHANIE SIMBECK, told a DENVER courtroom she was certain that now former KYGO/DENVER host DAVID “JACKSON” MUELLER placed his hand on SWIFT’s behind during a photo-op, prior to SWIFT’s JUNE 2nd, 2013 concert in the Mile High City. “She had an uncomfortable, shocked looked on her face, and I saw his hand grab her ass,” SIMBECK testified.

The photographer was the final witness to take the stand on THURSDAY (8/10), wrapping up a busy day in the civil trial, in which MUELLER is suing SWIFT for lost wages and defamation, after being fired for the alleged inappropriate contact with the Pop superstar. In response to MUELLER seeking $3 million in damages, SWIFT has accused MUELLER of “improperly and inappropriately groping.” She’s also counter-suing MUELLER, promising to donate any money awarded her to charity.

Earlier in the day, SWIFT was on the stand for an hour, delivering assertive and confident testimony. “He did not touch my rib, he did not touch my arm… he grabbed my bare ass,” SWIFT said, calling the incident, “Horrifying. Shocking.” SWIFT added, “We had never experienced it before.” Challenged by MUELLER attorney GABE MCFARLAND on whether she was sure MUELLER touched her, SWIFT responded, “It happened to me. I know it was him … I didn’t need a picture. I could have picked him out of a line of a thousand … this is not alleged. I don’t need you to grill me about the tiny details of this photograph … this is an accurate ID.”

Questioned about SWIFT’s reaction to MUELLER being terminated, SWIFT said, “I didn’t have a reaction to a strange person I didn’t know losing his job … that was a product of his decisions, not mine. I’m not going to let you or your client make me feel like this is my fault.”

Following SWIFT’s testimony, the trial continued with KYGO GM BOB CALL taking the stand. CALL said after receiving requests from KYGO PD EDDIE HASKELL, and SWIFT’s radio liaison FRANK BELL to investigate the incident, and, after seeing the photo which has been such a focal point in the trial so far, he concluded, “his hand is, in my mind without question, behind her rear end.” CALL decided to terminate MUELLER on MONDAY, JUNE 4th, 2013, reasoning, “[MUELLER], in our opinion, violated … our contract and created an embarrassing situation for our company, our clients,…by virtue of touching TAYLOR’s rear end,” CALL added that he understood the alleged contact may have occurred, “incidentally or accidentally.”

Former KYGO PD EDDIE HASKELL also testified, vehemently disputing MUELLER’s claim that it was HASKELL who actually touched SWIFT, later boasting about it. “It is an absolute lie. And the fact that it took him two years to make that story up shows it is a lie,” said HASKELL.

“It was never mentioned in our two-hour meeting with him,” HASKELL continued. “It wasn’t mentioned the night of … The first time I was made aware of it was in a federal lawsuit that then went to the entire media world.” The trial is set to resume TODAY (8/11).