Taylor Swift Continues Her Radio Dominance With Hit After Hit

Taylor Swift continues her radio dominance with hit after hit. She continues her record breaking streak with “Wildest Dreams” (Big Machine/Universal). The single is on fire at Hot AC and Top40 and it should not take too long for this one to hit the top of the charts. It’s a little different vocal spin for Taylor that works well nonetheless. The Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor pairing continues to work magic at the format. Little by little their duet “Marvin Gaye” (Atlantic) is becoming a radio anthem. The proof of that is just trying to get the song out of your head.

Fall Out Boy have a good thing and make no mistake about it. Their “Uma Thurman” (Island/UMG) is like a slow simmer that keeps building and tastes better and better the longer it’s out. Watch for some even bigger things ahead for this gem in the weeks to come.The X Ambassadors are taking the radio world by storm and in a very big way. “Renegades” (Interscope) is the track that our music and program directors are raving about. The single is also making its way into television commercials and movie trailers, a sign that a monster hit is in the works.

Paul McCartney is back and that’s always a good thing for radio at any time of the year. His new and active “I’ll Give You A Ring” (Hear Music/UMG) is the new Paul at his best and we should really embrace more music from him while he’s still delivering great music. Another artist that always delivers excellent music is Don Henley. His new “That Old Flame” (Capitol) is a gem that deserves your immediate attention. Florence & The Machine are back and delivering the goods. “Ship To Wreck” (Universal/UMG) is their latest offering and it showcases why this girl and her band are the very best at what they do.

Are you ready for ABUSS? Their debut single “Poor Days” (Daybreak) is one of the best singles we’ve heard in quite some time. It has been on the “most added” charts for several weeks now and continues to build like a major hit single. Many of our music and program directors are also raving about it and that tells us all we need to know. The act known as Sweet Spirit is also making waves at the format. “Break You Bones” (Ind) is the jam that is getting lots of attention so you may want to give that track a spin around the block.

Anthony Russo has a good thing and make no mistake about it. “Cheatta” is the single many are spinning and it’s not a bad one at that. Justine Dorsey continues to amaze with the debut single “Cliche'” (Unison Music Group). What a super young talent and deserving of all the spins you can handle out there in radio-land. Chris Cox has a good thing going and keep your eyes and ears open for his amazing “Honky Tonk Hellcat” (CMM). The single started at Country and is fast moving across formats. That’s what we call a super cross-over hit and watch for some even bigger weeks to come at al formats.

Eileen Carey is rocking multi-formats with a brand new single “Faith” (RolleyCstr Music). This one is making magic from Hot AC to Country so give it some immediate attention. Chuck Murphy has a flash-fire hit at radio and make no mistake about it. His debut single “How Many Times” from One West Records is on fire at the format and this track is also moving across formats in a very big way. Look for a very bright future and even better things to come from the amazing Chuck Murphy.

Nick Fradiani is making the most of his American Idol win with “Beautiful Life” (19/Big Machine). Brandy Moss Scott continues are #1 ways with her record setting “Bye, Bye, Baby” (Heavenly Tunes). I’ll have more for you next time right here.