Taylor Swift Bodyguard Takes The Stand On Day Five Of Groping Trial

 “I did not see his hand touch her physically. I saw his hand under her skirt. She reacted, pushed her skirt down, and moved closer to the other woman.”

That was GREG DENT, former bodyguard for TAYLOR SWIFT, on the witness stand, describing what he saw at the now-famous JUNE 2nd, 2013 meet-and-greet prior to a SWIFT show in DENVER. SWIFT has accused former KYGO/DENVER host DAVID “JACKSON” MUELLER “improperly and inappropriately groping” her during a photo-op that night. Her claim is part of a counter-suit to MUELLER’s civil suit, in which he is seeking $3 million, claiming lost wages and defamation. MUELLER was fired by KYGO two days after the incident. SWIFT’s suit seeks a $1 judgement.

When pressed by MUELLER’s attorney whether he saw MUELLER’s hand under SWIFT’s skirt, DENT replied, “I don’t believe I saw it. I know I saw it.” DENT corroborated SWIFT’s answer YESTERDAY (8/10), when asked by MUELLER’s lawyer why she did not respond to MUELLER’s actions, and today, why he did not immediately intervene in the moment. SWIFT wanted to finish the meet-and-greet and visit with her fans, said DENT.

Day five of the trial is underway TODAY (8/11), and follows THURSDAY testimony from SWIFT, KYGO GM BOB CALL, former KYGO PD EDDIE HASKELL, and SWIFT photographer, STEPHANIE SIMBECK. SWIFT was decisive, assertive and confident on the stand during an hour of questioning, telling MUELLER attorney’s, “He did not touch my rib, he did not touch my arm… he grabbed my bare ass.” SWIFT called the incident, “Horrifying. Shocking,” and when asked her reaction to MUELLER’s termination, said, “I didn’t have a reaction to a strange person I didn’t know losing his job … that was a product of his decisions, not mine. I’m not going to let you or your client make me feel like this is my fault.”

CALL decided to terminate MUELLER on MONDAY, JUNE 4th, 2013, reasoning, “[MUELLER], in our opinion, violated … our contract and created an embarrassing situation for our company, our clients,…by virtue of touching TAYLOR’s rear end,” CALL added that he understood the alleged contact may have occurred, “incidentally or accidentally.”  SIMBECK described SWIFT’s immediate reaction to the encounter with MUELLER: “She had an uncomfortable, shocked looked on her face, and I saw his hand grab her ass.”

HASKELL vehemently disputed MUELLER’s claim that it was HASKELL who actually touched SWIFT, later boasting about it. “It is an absolute lie. And the fact that it took him two years to make that story up shows it is a lie,” said HASKELL. The trial continues TODAY; stay with ALL ACCESS for more updates.