Synth-pop Duo Ruby Red Debut New Single “Superbloom”

On-the-rise duo Ruby Red, consisting of Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine, have released “Superbloom,” a sunny, laid-back song fusing their signature synth-driven sound with Brazilian funk influences. The refreshingly quirky lyrics depict both the relief and ennui of confessing your love for someone and finding out they already knew.  The single is now available on digital music platforms worldwide. 

Like all of Ruby Red’s songs, Laner and Fine worked on “Superbloom” intensively until they were both happy with it: “It’s like we’re married and each song is a new child you have to fight for custody over.” Laner, a full-time audio engineer and producer, says they like to start off with a sound they want to replicate. This time, it was Fine sending him “a bunch of Brazilian funk references,” which is reflected in the highly danceable, snappy drum grooves. The celebratory chant in the chorus, “She said ‘I know’,” is euphoric, but also conveys a slight sense of melancholy: “Her knowing almost makes the confession less meaningful,” explains Laner, whose vocals, both loose and aching, convey this ambivalence perfectly.

Laner and Fine are childhood friends and have been making music together since elementary school. As Laner started navigating the music industry in Los Angeles, working with the likes of Louis Bell (Post Malone), Fine was working towards a degree in Neuroscience at UCLA. In 2018, they decided to go from “poorly covering Green Day songs” to collaborating more consistently and crafting a unique sound. Their eclectic brand of synth-pop is entirely self-produced, mixed and mastered, and the duo combines live instrumentation and programmed samples in both studio recordings and live shows. Incorporating relatable lyrical themes about the trials and tribulations of being a young adult, their impressive songwriting has already garnered them opportunities to play at such diverse Los Angeles venues as The Satellite and The Mint. Off the heels of their 2018 debut, “Lovelock,” the band is now gearing up to release their second EP.

“Superbloom,” proves that Ruby Red are a  promising new talent full of personality in the world of synth-pop with their unorthodox soundscapes and engaging lyrics. The single is now available for download and streaming on digital platforms worldwide. Follow along the band’s latest misadventures on Instagram, @RubyRedSound.