Spring Into AC

Nate Ruess is one special talent. As the lead vocalist for the band Fun, Nate has displayed amazing abilities that tend to cross formats. It’s no real surprise that his new solo effort in   “Nothing Without Love” (Fueled By Ramen) is doing so well. We wish him the best with this new challenge but we’re sure that he’s going to do just fine. I really love this new band
Walk The Moon. Their new and exciting “Shut Up And Dance” (RCA/RLG) is fast becoming a real favorite among our music and program directors. We’ll see how it all pans out in the weeks to come but so far this one is a solid winner.

The pairing of Calvin Harris and the multi-talented Ellie Goulding is paying off big time. As we have heard rumors regarding the two in their personal lives that really has no impact on the fact that their single “Outside” (Columbia) is really building a strong group of early believers.  Watch for some big weeks ahead for this gem. It’s so great to see that one of my favorites in Mumford & Sons is back. This band of brilliant guys are taking the new single “Believe” (Glassnote) out for a spin and you really need to give this track a shot. They deserve all the support they can get from this format.

Maroon 5 has without a doubt come out with the best single of their career. Adam Levine and company pull out all the stops in their new and super-hot “Sugar” (222/Interscope). It also helps that Adam has such a huge profile on the ever popular The Voice (NBC) but this song would move to the top without all the hype and television activity. It’s always good to see that our good friend Kid Rock is back in action. Normally we would have run into him at CRS but this year he has spent getting set and ready for “First Kiss” (WB/WEA) which has all the making of a big hit single.

The Weekend has a good thing going and make no mistake about that my friends. “Earned It” (Universal Republic) is the track that many of you are raving about and for good reason – it’s such a great radio song. Are you ready for some more Billy Idol? Our photo editor Masika Swain is so excited about Billy’s new “One Breath Away” (BFI) that she can still be heard screaming his praises from West Hollywood to Nashville. I’m not sure what that all means but I guess we’ll find out all about it in the weeks to come.

Kerris & Justine Dorsey are getting a good shot at radio and why not. Their new “Best Worst Day Ever” (Walt Disney) appears to be making friends and fans in all the right places. 8 Banks is also getting some well-deserved love at radio. “Beggin For Thread” (Harvest/Capitol) is their current gem and this one has some very good solid potential.  Andy Grammer is back at the format and it so needs his talents. “Honey, I’m Good” (S Curve/EMI) is a real great track that should find its way to the top of many AC40 playlists and in record time. It also has huge crossover potential as well.

Mirage Box is “on fire” and make no mistake about that. Their debut single entitled “Juarez” (Growlyman Endeavors) is about as hot as they come. In fact it’s been on the “most added” list of our AC40 for about a month now and the single is racing to the top of the charts. Please remember that you heard and read about Mirage Box right here first on the pages of New Music Weekly magazine.  Echosmith is having quite the run with their new and exciting “Bright” (WB/WEA).

Holiboiz featuring Yosef  is rocking strong with “Take Me To Temple” (Studio Records).  Bill Curreri who is our Crossover “winner” for this year’s New Music Awards is killing it with his new  “Fade Away” (Ind). Flaunt featuring Justin Jennings is also moving fast and furious with “Have I Made My Point?” (Anticodon).  Brandy Moss Scott is the one to watch and support with “Bye Bye Baby” (Heavenly Tunes). More next time folks.