Sonali Releases “Close Enough” and Gears Up for SunFest Music Festival

Pop Songstress Debuts New Music Ahead of Festival Performance

Sonali announces the release of her newest pop single, “Close Enough”. The dazzling pop track combines the thoughtful lyrics, powerful vocals and a touch of moodiness that have served as the blueprint of her signature sound. “Close Enough” is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.

Staying friends with an ex can be a troublesome situation, which is the sentiment expressed in “Close Enough.” The single opens with the soft sounds of the marimba to invoke the sense of raindrops falling, while the chorus’ powerful beat comes toe-to-toe with the songs emotional narrative. The track questions the gray area of relationships and attacks the dubious, “What are we?” conversation while maintaining an expert balance of energy and lyricism. “The lyrics are asking this big, bold question and at the same time the production has this quarter note pumping going on in the back. It just feels really solid and supported, like the way you’d want to feel if you were having that conversation with someone,” explains Sonali.

The pop songstress is gearing up for her performance where she will be opening for Pitbull at the acclaimed Florida music festival, SunFest in May alongside artists like Logic, Zedd, Rae Sremmurd and more.  Before diving headfirst into her music career, Sonali was a student at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Attending the school helped her lay the foundation of her steadily rising music career. In 2014, she released an EP, Wake Up; this gained her recognition as one of the Top 20 Prospects of the Year by Music Connection Magazine. However, shortly after deciding to build upon her career and go on the road to record, Sonali was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. It was a major setback, but Sonali returned in 2017 with a hit single, “Forever” which amassed coverage from Washington Square News, Lemonade Magazine, Celeb Mix, The Daily Shuffle and more.

Sonali is back and ready to unveil all of the music she has been working on, and to take over the stage at SunFest in May.  Keep an eye out for future releases.  Download or stream “Close Enough” on digital platforms and keep up to date with Sonali through her website