“Saturday (Wedding Song)” was written by Sammy Wilk in collaboration with Josh X and James Steed for his sister Emily and brother-in-law, Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns’ Quarter Back). The song was performed for the first time at the couple’s wedding earlier this summer. It is the first taste of music since the release of Sammy Wilk’s Keep It In The Middle EP, released in June via KSR Group.

About Sammy Wilk
Sammy Wilk is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist and fashion designer who showcases an authenticity and purity of spirit through all that he does.  Long before the artist even realized it, that authenticity was the driving factor in his musicianship: at each turn, he has made music that makes him happy, from Hip-Hop to Ska, Reggae, Pop and R&B. It has drawn a legion of dedicated fans; even as he’s taken time to redefine his sound and who he is as an artist. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, Wilk developed quite the eclectic taste in music. He fell in love with Hip-Hop at an early age, and by the time he was in middle school, a family friend introduced him to two things that would forever change the course of his life: reggae and a guitar. When he began to release music a few years later, he found himself naturally infusing island music into other genres of music, honing in on his own unique sound.

Thanks to the powers of social media, Wilk has played by his own rules while developing a loyal following (more than 3 million across platforms) that welcomed his music in any and all formats. He became a new star in traditional media using new media to defy the playbook. In that time, his 2016 debut EP Ready For War amassed millions of streams across platforms and found him on the road on two North American tours between 2016 and 2017.

It was on a humanitarian trip to Malawi in 2017 where Wilk really began to realize his purpose as an artist, wanting to inspire others. After returning home, he took 2018 to really dive into his craft, honing in on what kind of mark he wants to leave with his music. Now working with the KSR Group, the production and management company that has played a role in the success of such acts as Cardi B and HoodCelebrityy, Wilk is doing what he loves: creating music that simply makes him happy.

“I find myself shifting through different genres, so nothing from me will sound the exact same, but with that I have found the type of music that I enjoy creating the most,” explains Wilk, while adding that his new music will detail “everything I have lived over the past two years. Some happy songs, some sad, some turn up, some slow. It all depends the mood I’m in when I step in the studio. All of my new music will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions.”

It’s that purity of spirit that shines through on Sammy Wilk’s music and can be found across everything Wilk does.

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