Singer-Songwriter Jordan Siwek Brings a Hopeful Story with Music Video “Lover and a Giver”

A New York native, Jordan Siwek has had music flowing through him since he was young. The experience he has gained from playing some of the most well-known venues in NYC, has lead him to show off his lyricism to the world through the release of his debut album Sun Inside You in July 2018. Now he has released the music video to his lead single “Lover and a Giver” which is a great introduction to his signature sound.

The music video follows the story of a bohemian woman and a stuffy suited man, an opposites attached story that is classic as ever. Jordan’s vocals flow through the story and you can hear how the track draws inspiration from artist such as John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, and Marvin Gaye. Lyrically, “Lover and Giver” conveys a response to what’s going on in the world with a strong message to focus on the beautiful things, on spreading love and hope, and to unite us in a time of division, which the music video only amplifies.

The single, as well as the rest of the album, blossomed over the years. As a storyteller, Jordan is immersed in the balance of darkness and light despite hardships, and finding unity in the midst of division. The inspiration and meaning behind the musical project is something we all need to hear in today’s world.

The album was by produced by Godfrey Diamond, who worked with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Steven Tyler to Frank Sinatra, and mastered by Alan Silverman, who mastered numerous Grammy Award winning albums. Legendary guitarist Oz Noy and Robbie Seahag Mangano both played on the album.

Be sure to check out Jordan Siwek’s new music video “Lover and a Giver” and definitely check out his album Sun Inside You on iTunes and Spotify!