Sarah Darling: Talks ‘Home to Me,’ Moon Pies and Her ‘Bachelor’ Performance

Nashville has watched as Sarah Darling has been laying the groundwork for a successful career in the business for a few years now. With the success of her current single, “Home To Me,” as well as the release of her EP by the same title, it seems like the pieces are finally in place for the Iowa native.

“It’s funny how it works,” she relates to Billboard. “You work so hard for years, doing everything you can, and I feel like it’s all happening at once. We keep saying at my label (Black River Entertainment) that 2013 is going to be such an awesome year for my career, and having the EP come out, and the single is connecting with people, which is what you want.”

It has connected in quite a big way from the beginning. “We sold 8,000 the first week, and it’s been very steady. It really just amps you up, and makes you feel that you have something special.”

The “Home To Me” EP contains four tracks — one which just might break her career wide open — the romantic ballad “the project, and looking for songs. I had been pitched it, and told him how much I loved it. He told me that Jay DeMarcus I wanted to cut it immediately. Most likely, it will be the second single.”

Darling will be performing “Home To Me” on the February 4 edition of ABC’S “The Bachelor.” Of the appearance, she said to Whitefish, Montana, and shoot one of the dates, and entertain Sean and his girl for this date. It was such a sweet moment. and family. It’s a song about love, one that matches what the Bachelor is about. It matches the feel of the show.”

The exposure of the song has helped lead Darling to a new endorsement deal with a staple of the south. “I’m so proud having a RC and a Moon Pie. It just creates a home feeling, and they wanted to partner up with us. What a great company. people will send me pictures from Wal-Mart, Kroger, even the Nashville Airport with the boxes of me,” she says.

Another southern tradition that Darling has embraced is the Grand Ole Opry, where she will soon make her 27th performance. Every time I take the stage there, I feel so honored.”