San Francisco Electronic Duo Host Bodies Release New EP ‘Diamondfruit’

Live electronic duo Host Bodies have released their new EP Diamondfruit.

Comprising six tracks plus an outro, Diamondfruit overflows with the luminous beauty of the landscapes James Collector and Nick Hess have observed around them. Joining forces with Ryan Kleeman of Overlap Studio and Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Count Eldridge (Tycho, Radiohead), they have successfully and eloquently combined sonic inspiration from their native state of Colorado and new home of San Francisco with guitar, bass, ukulele, charango, harp, and synthesizers, creating a healing work of audible art that prompts listeners to look inward.

“We wanted to make a more mindful project, something at peace with itself yet swept into the wonder and mystery of the landscapes that inspire us,” they reveal. “California and Colorado are both so close to our hearts, the elemental nature of them calls to us here in the city. The challenge is then translating that sense of refuge into electronic music, to say something beyond words.”

Through this new collection, Host Bodies paint rich colorful scenes that soothe and speak directly to the spirit and the need to disconnect. From the optimistic melodies of the single “Accept” to the ocean-like swell of “Wildcat Beach,” Diamondfruit is an unforgettable journey of self-reflection and discovery, providing a tranquil escape from the chaos of everyday life.

Diamondfruit was 100-percent self-recorded between California and Colorado. Stream it now on Spotify.