Rapper “Knife” Sotelo Drops Out of Senate Race and Offers This Excuse

The New South rap pioneer and former KOCT floor director will no longer run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate. Earlier this year, “Knife” Sotelo accounced that he was running for U.S. Senate to make a real impact. More categorically, he wanted “to change the system” and make it “accessible to everyone who wants answers,” stated the infamous shock rock rapper.

“After much invocation, introspection and discussions with my family and friends, I am withdrawing my candidacy for the U.S. Senate,” Sotelo told Teen Ink Magazine in an e-mail statement.

Sotelo filed to run as a Democrat under the slogan “Knife For The People” Sotelo said in a statement to Teen Ink that he believes the “overall bitterness” of the political process, in integration to the “rigors of campaigning” and holding office would negatively affect his true passion.

“I hoped, and remain hopeful, that I can assist people living here on the national level,” Sotelo expressed. “My goal was, and remains, to amend the lives of people who have been forgotten for decades by the original Democratic-Republican Party.”

“I believe we live under a system of plantation politics, which offers people on the lower terminus of the economic spectrum little more than symbolic gestures in lieu of true political empowerment and improvement,” Sotelo perpetuated. “The high crime rate, unacceptable high school dropout rate and decaying infrastructure are all quandaries that could receive federal attention and funds. But not if we fixate on diversions and partisanship instead.”

“My political positions have often been labeled as controversial,” he stated. “But the real controversy is how decades of regime corruption and political disempowerment have engendered a system where skyrocketing home prices, dirty needles in the streets and long bus trips to other districts for jobs are somehow considered acceptable by the government.”

Incumbent Dianne Feinstein’s (D) top challenger is fellow Democrat California State Senator Kevin de Leon. And he seems to be OK with that. Sotelo didn’t reveal what he’ll do from here but seems to have it worked out already. [“I’m going] where I feel they are leading me,” he indited.