RADD Parters With KROQ’S Weenie Roast To Promote Responsible Driving & Road Safety

RADD® (Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving) has launched a College DUI Awareness campaign to promote responsible driving and road safety. This year, RADD® has partnered once again with KROQ’s Weenie Roast, as  sponsor of the Designated Driver drop off lane at Stub Hub Center. The first 106 Designated Drivers received a free water and special gift. KROQ also supported RADD’s message with radio spots and social media. Check out hi-res photos here.

RADD® has been partnering with emerging music talent in a peer-to-peer program designed to reduce DUI arrests and fatalities, by encouraging everyone to “plan ahead” with a designated driver, ride share, uber, Lyft or taxi.  RADD’s message is “have fun, plan ahead.” Drinking and driving is not an option.

There has been an uptick with DUI’s and road fatalities reported daily. With summer coming up, we can expect many more.

RADD’s successful DUI Awareness campaign is on more than 47 college campuses Southern California campuses with a combined student population of 1,000,000, backed by a grant from the California Office Of Traffic Safety (OTS).

Following are some RADD®Weenie Roast artist shout outs:

Bishop Briggs:  https://youtu.be/KorQLDUM71g

 Dirty Headshttps://youtu.be/DFZr2uMQRAk

 Alice Mertonhttps://youtu.be/gCpK2qGPf0s

The iconic RADD® produced “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” celebrity campaign and is a proud two-time recipient of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s prestigious Public Service Award and a Governors Highway Safety Association honoree.  Additionally, RADD® is the recipient of a 2016 Bulldog Not-For-Profit Awards bronze medal for “Best Issue/Cause Advocacy Campaign.”  For more information, please visit www.collegeisradd.org


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