Dejhare brings the heat in summer for her new music video “Without You”. With a new seductive air, Dejhare shows her evolving musical style unlike any artist out there today. One of the many singles off her upcoming album, Unbreakable, Dejhare continues to showoff her songwriting skills.

Watch “Without You”

Dejhare has continued to reveal bit by bit what her artistic vision is with each single released over the last couple of months. “Without You” certainly proves how her smooth and airy vocals can hypnotize with a seductive edge. The music video only enhances the power of the track and is definitely a side of Dejhare that is free and fierce.

With influences ranging from soft rock to world beat, and with a sprinkling of jazz and Motown, Dejhare’s music is inventive and vocal-focused: “My songs are deeply expressive of personal experiences, dreams, and feelings, and the universality of these emotions.”

Like many of her songs, Dejhare writes about the ever-changing landscape of love and the constant struggles it can bring. “Without You” brings a smooth arrangement of electro elements and drizzles soulful jazz composition to a classic lyrical tale of lost love.

Be sure to check out Dejhare’s music video for “Without You” and listen to the track now on all streaming platforms!

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