Nigerian-American Singer/Songwriter John Ayo Debuts His First Single, “Green”

John Ayo is a Nigerian-American singer/songwriter. He is pleased to launch his official website,, as well as release his debut single, “Green.” On the track, Ayo explores a number of his musical influences, from gospel and blues to folk and Americana. His style brings a sense of timelessness to modern music, tipping the hat off to legends like Bill Withers and Bruce Springsteen. “Green” is featured on Ayo’s upcoming EP, In The Meantime, which will be released in early 2020.

In The Meantime was recorded and mixed at The Echo Lab (Matt Pence), and is produced by Jason Burt (Leon Bridges, David Ramirez, Sarah Jaffe). The album features several of Texas’s most desired session musicians, including Nik Lee, Ryan Ake, and Scott Lee of The Texas Gentlemen, Jordache Grant, and Roy & Spice.

As a multilingual artist, John Ayo plans to record in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. He will be returning to Europe in early winter 2020 with exclusive showcases. He’ll continue to perform limited engagements when he returns to the United States.

Visit John Ayo’s website for information about his music, background, and tour dates. You’ll also find merchandise, music releases, and products from his own menswear brand, Oldenburgh.

Of this new journey, John Ayo says: “Though I have been writing for several years, I am so excited to take this big leap into releasing and performing songs. Bridging the gap between my music and design work has been important to me. Ayo, my Nigerian name, means joy, and it will be a great joy to share this experience, not only in America but also across the world.”

About John Ayo

John Ayo wears a number of hats in his professional life: designer, ghostwriter, and attorney. Now, he returns to his first love, music. With the release of his upcoming EP, In The Meantime, Ayo showcases a collection of original compositions he developed over several years. His multilingual background gives him a different approach to songwriting, which his future works will reflect. Find out more at