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Peter Frank Santovito has been honing his artistic talents since he was only 14 years old. Starting out in local church halls and dances and moved up to performing at Greenwich Village hot spots, such as The Bitter End, Cafe Wha? Max’s Kansas City, where famed artists such as Dylan, Hendrix, and Bowie used to frequent.

He is proficient on four instruments including guitar, bass, piano, and drums as well as performing all of the vocals for the Peter Frank Band. Santovito has also been the recipient of a number of songwriting awards. Perhaps what is more impressive than his musical credentials is the fact that he was actually able to do this without the help of a record company, an agent, or a manager. Santovito was also able to pay for all of the equipment and recording simply by touring locally, then onto N.Y. Tri-State area playing Lead Guitar with Oldies Doo Wop group, “Vito & the Salutations” from 1969-1974. Eventually after performing at N.Y. Academy of Music, Beacon Theater, Murray The K Shows, Peter moved on and joined  Paramount Record’s Rock Band,”ACTRESS” who received much acclaim from majors’ such as Don Kirschner, SwanSong Records, and were the opening act for artists Lou Reed and others.

Not satisfied with simply providing the world with upbeat and brilliantly arranged music, he is also the founder of the Bay Rocker’s Music Reunion Party, an annual event held in New York. The idea of the party was conceived around the holidays when Santovito would fly to New York from Florida to be with friends, who got together to jam at rehearsal studios. Eventually, the sessions got so big that they had to move venues to local pubs, and then to Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club in order to accommodate the high volume of guests. During the 25 years in which this event has been going on, Santovito and his fellow musicians have raised money for a number of different causes including Lifebeat as well as Aids research. Recorded in various locations in and near Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando, “Letters To My Love” features a variety of engineers, musicians as well as producers. This gives the album its rich and vibrant sound. Each arrangement is an illustration of the unique style of Santovito but also layered with the talented musicians that add depth to every track. The album as a whole is an array of rock-based easy listening with a heavy pop influence. Combining old and new in seamless fashion, the album has a nice flow and keeps the listener guessing every step of the way.

In addition to being highly lauded for its deep and meaningful lyrical content, Santovito has once again been applauded for his sincere, yet edgy form of music. Going against conventions of the modern music industry, the album is a true testament to the dedication and hard work that Santovito has put into his music.

For more information on the album and to check out the latest press coverage of “Letters To My Love”, check out “Letters To My Love” is currently available on CD Baby, iTunes, Apple Music, GooglePlay, Spotify, Amazon and other fine music sites around the world.

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