Nashville Recording Artist BRENDA HOWARD is Official Voting Member of the GRAMMY AWARDS

BRENDA HOWARD, NASHVILLE RECORDING ARTISTS AND LABEL ARTIST @ COMPOSER’S INK NASHVILLE RECORDS is accepted into the RECORDING ACADEMY as Independent Artist and Official Voting Member for the Grammy Awards, Music’s Leading Institution. She will also be an Independent Artist with one of her own original songs, “Turn and Walk Away” up for consideration for the esteemed GRAMMY AWARD nomination.

BRENDA HOWARD’S new, original country song, “Turn and Walk Away” has been received with an astoundingly, positive response from her fans and radio stations alike. So much so, that her new song release has hit the Country Music Charts for 18+ Weeks and is still going strong today.

With such absolute acknowledgment and GLOBAL Success of her new country single, “Turn and Walk Away”, the obvious next step would be to take her song directly to the board of the AMERICAN GRAMMY AWARDS, and that is exactly what the Composer’s Ink NASHVILLE Record Label is doing.

Brenda Howard has been honored to have been accepted into “Music’s Leading Institution”, the Recording Academy, and is also an Official Voting Member for the GRAMMY AWARDS. As such, she is very excited to be playing such an important role, not only in the GRAMMY AWARDS voting process, but she will also be an Independent Artist with one of her own original songs up for consideration for the esteemed GRAMMY AWARD nomination.

“Turn and Walk Away” was Written, Performed and Produced by Brenda Howard and was recorded in NASHVILLE Tennessee with the musicians direct from the stage of the “GRAND OLE OPRY” in a private studio.

Brenda wrote “Turn and Walk Away” in honor of the men and women who serve our country and their families. She has been very successful in tapping into the emotions of what it must be like to “Turn and Walk Away” from their families to defend our country, never knowing if they will ever return.

With messages in support of “Turn and Walk Away” as Brenda’s fans describe in detail their heartfelt gratitude for the song, we knew that Brenda was no ordinary songwriter. When an artist is able to bring out that type of sincerity and wholehearted emotion from their listeners, it’s like finding a rare gem.

“Turn and Walk Away” is not only popular in the U.S.A. but is also gaining strength in other countries along with the rest of Brenda Howard’s Country Music Charting Hits.

Brenda Howard was able to smoke the country music charts with “4” of her original songs charting simultaneously! While spinning on U.S. and global radio stations, her country music charting songs are “Turn and Walk Away”, 18+ weeks and counting, and Charting for 11+weeks were “Where Are You Now?”, “Whispering Hope” and “This Way”, which also made the recurrent charts.

I don’t know of many independent artists, especially those who write and perform their own songs that have accomplished as many successes in the music industry as our label artist, Brenda Howard. Watching “4” of her originals hit the country music charts simultaneously and still having “Turn and Walk Away” on the charts for over 4 and a half months, is certainly something inspiring to celebrate!” – CEO Composer’s Ink NASHVILLE Records.

Brenda’s country music fan base stretches as far as Canada, Mexico, Israel, Trinidad, India, Romania, Kenya, China, Japan, United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Korea, and beyond. Her fans in Israel are also quickly becoming a great supporter of her American soldier honoring song “Turn and Walk Away.”

“Turn and Walk Away” is a cut from Brenda’s new country album “Where Are You Now?” all of which can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, and 150 online music retailers as well as @ Composer’s Ink NASHVILLE Record Label.

“Turn and Walk Away” along with the rest of Brenda Howard’s new, NASHVILLE, country, song releases can also be streamed on most online streaming services including Spotify and Rhapsody as well as @ the Composer’s Ink NASHVILLE Record Label.