MYJA, the Los Angeles, CA-based side project of A Bad Think mastermindMichael Marquart, and Jacob Bunton (Lynam,Adler) has released its debut single “Flood” viaWindmark Recordings. The first single is impacting radio now. 

Flood” is the first single from the upcoming self-titled debut album that will be released early next year.

Formed in 2016, Myja has crafted a somber sound reflective of the personal experiences that define the band’s core. With roots firmly planted in all things traditional rock, Myja’s self-titled debut album, is a carefully constructed, innovative mix of rock and modern pop sensibilities

Produced, engineered and mixed by Jason Elgin(Maylene & The Sons Of DisasterCollective Soul), at The Barn, Marquart’s studio in Malibu, CA, the 10 songs that make up Myja’s debut album encompass the sound of a band that is not afraid to take chances yet display a remarkable consistency in the storytelling.