‘Mon Amour’ is a beautiful melodically and rhythmic expression of true love

BJ Sam is an international Indie recording artist who brings an incredibly positive message to the world through his music. He is a passionate artist whose life mission is to bring joy to all he meets and touches through his music on his life journey. His fans around the world fondly know him as ‘Sammy Wonder’ due to his distinctive voice, undeniable musical talent and his compelling and lyrically touching songs.

BJ Sam’s global fan base extends from Nigeria, France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, the United States of America and now Australia where his music is now being played by adoring fans. His undeniable musical talent is shown through his captivating, hooky and universally appealing songs that stand out on the music charts anywhere around the world. He always strives to ensure that he stays on the cutting edge with catchy and delightful melodies and heart-warming songs to captivate all ages.

BJ Sam’s songs are currently gaining increasing popularity across the globe which is highlighted in the success of his songs being playlisted on over 800 radio stations across the world. BJ Sam has become a force to be reckoned with on a global scale after releasing his hit single ‘The Star Will Always Shine’ in 2014 which grabbed the attention of countless Hollywood Music Supervisors who wanted to add his songs to their catalogues.

In 2014 BJ Sam signed to DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA formal a global Distribution and Publishing venture to get his music out to his global fan base. Since signing with the DJ Central and Blue Pie team it has been a non stop push from the teams to get BJ Sam connected to Sound Pro Music Canada, Troma Entertainment USA, Gateway Films USA, XerciseLab Russia, Film Motion Australia and countless others. The license team are landing constant placements and the success continues to grow every month.

BJ Sam’s song hit song ‘Mon Amour’ is a beautiful melodically and rhythmic expression of true love. The song is compelling and entrancing with its beautiful melodic fusion of acoustic, Kora, Balani and RnB themes. BJ Sam’s has reached global recognition through his song which has been featured by numerous companies, films and radio stations. His song and music video grabbed the attention of the 3rd most available television network in the word ‘TV5Monde’ which is based in France. This type of exposure ensured that his interview on their musical program ‘Stars Parade’ produced over 80 million viewers worldwide.

BJ Sam’s song is featured in the Soundtrack of a new Hollywood movie title “Heart of Fatness” as the popular American film director Lloyd Kaufman, the co-founder of Troma entertainment, personally selected it. ‘Mon Amour’ has also been featured on the Australian music TV show DJ Central in Season 5. DJ Central TV features the hottest DJ’s, broadcasting their finest hits and new music which is syndicated all around the world to over 60 million viewers.

Mon Amour’s music video was also nominated for the best music video in Oregon USA.

After the release of ‘Mon Amour’, Hollywood music supervisors Suzanna Hilleary the president of Wacbiz sfell in love with BJ Sam and his music and agreement was completed allowing this power house of music placement to represent and licence the song for Hollywood Films, TV Episodes, Games and Web ad campaigns.

‘Mon Amour’ has received recognition on radio stations such as Somer Valley Fm in the UK, N.U.A Radio show across Europe, USA and Australia, The Basement Tapes on KKID Canada, Radio Alliance and Zone Radio FM South Africa. The radio plays are growing weekly and the love is flowing constantly from BJ Sams powerful messages of love and peace in all of his music.

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“Mon Amour” (Single)
Spotify: www.open.spotify.com/album/4kn8V1BWWxeCffuoTylRDh
iTunes: www.itunes.apple.com/au/album/mon-amour-single/id1215610965
Deezer: www.deezer.com/en/album/15642872

“You are Special, so I am” (Single)
Spotify: www.open.spotify.com/album/49Tqy93rNCf3cBYDAVth1x
iTunes: www.itunes.apple.com/au/album/you-are-special-so-i-am-single/id1023009823
Deezer: www.deezer.com/en/album/10072068

“Happy Birthday to you” (Single)
Spotify: www.open.spotify.com/album/1Os46pHHdNZlz5YJckb4Y7
iTunes: www.itunes.apple.com/au/album/happy-birthday-to-you-single/id1063678447
Deezer: www.deezer.com/en/album/11830476

“Baby Plz Don’t Cry” (Single)
Spotify: www.open.spotify.com/album/2JGv2viGcyDz1LWmok38gp
iTunes: www.itunes.apple.com/au/album/baby-plz-dont-cry-single/id844832754
Deezer: www.deezer.com/en/album/7568015www.deezer.com/en/album/7568015

“Be Strong” (Single)
Spotify: www.open.spotify.com/album/2L9BaF0Ryq1iZpSwTgTZsc
iTunes: www.itunes.apple.com/au/album/be-strong-single/id844391844
Deezer: www.deezer.com/en/album/7564365