The Making of a Record Producer-Audio Engineer

From the south of Australia, to Nashville by way of Route 66 and all the other routes through the 49 states of the continental USA, comes Ben Watts, musician, record producer and audio engineer. Ben has worked with the freshest new talent in music such as Kelby Costner, Lee Brice, Paul Gilbert, Luke Combs, Terra Bella, Rudy Parris, Bobby Barth, Mark Pinske, Darin Warner, Dustin Huff, Morgan Lynsey and many more.

Watts spent 4 years teaching music full time before relocating to Los Angeles in 2009 to study at the world-renowned Musicians Institute where he completed a degree in music performance, production and audio engineering for which he received an award for the ‘most outstanding student’ in the program.

A specialist in live band recording and mixing, Watts also has a wealth of experience recording various genres of music and soundtracks, as well as playing in a touring band and co-writing original music.

Watts started his career as assistant engineer at Henson Studios in Los Angeles, and later joined country duo ‘Terra Bella’ and relocated to Nashville.

Ben Watts now focuses on his work as a producer and engineer, with a full range of multi-media services. Working individually with each songwriter, producer, and artist, Ben Watts develops a unique roadmap to success for each client and provides a sanctuary where artists are free to reach and exceed their full potential.

Ben is in Australia and can be reached through his website:

Ph – 323 348 0972

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Recent Projects:

Morgan Lynsey – Gypsy Hearts

Kelby Costner – Hold On