Mad Hawkes Packs Emotion Into One Swift Punch With New Single

Tapping into truth, ripping into raw emotion and piercing into passion, “FACE PNCH” cuts through the surface of the Los Angeles music scene with singular force. The new track from Mad Hawkes embraces the difficulty of navigating the path of adulthood and infusing it with rock spirit and pure honesty. “FACE PNCH” is now available for streaming and download across digital music platforms.

“I love myself, say it every day,” singer Maddi Hawkes croons before unloading, “I hate myself, punch me in the face.” “At first I thought the lyric was a little silly, but I wasn’t able to get it out of my head so I just went with it,” said Hawkes. “It was one of those songs where the words sort of flowed out effortlessly, probably because they were just so accurate to how I was feeling.” The single borrows emotions and situations universally felt and experienced by those in early adulthood, batting heartbreaks and expectations, and finding out what it means to be your own person. Produced by Jimmy Messer (AWOLNATION, Kygo, Kelly Clarkson), “FACE PNCH” is teeming with visceral vocals, low-fi beats, and a driving bassline; it’s a taut, smoky track for the restless.

Hailing from the South Bay of Los Angeles, Mad Hawkes embodies all things California: surf, sun, and good vibes. She’s unafraid to speak her mind through raw, honest lyrics that leave your body in a sweat and your mind in a daze. While interning at Parts + Labor Records in Venice Beach, Hawkes immersed herself in songwriting. It was there that label owner/producer Jimmy Messer encouraged her to tap into her truth and write with passionate, emotional honesty. Subsequently, she was signed to the label and released her single “Fantasy” earlier this year. Consequence of Sound beams that her music, “…shimmers with West Coast harmonies like stars just beginning to break through the early dusk light.”

“FACE PNCH” is now available for streaming and download across digital music platforms. Keep up with upcoming releases, tour dates, and more by following her on social media @MadHawkes and at