Lil Nas X: Setting the music world ablaze

Lil Nas X is setting the music world ablaze with one monster jam and everybody is thrilled. “Old Town Road” (Columbia) is the one that radio is raving about. This has true legs and could be around for awhile so get ready for the ride. One of the best bands out there these days has to be Panic! At The Disco. They are taking their new and ever powerful  “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” (DCD2/Fueled By Ramen/WEA) out for a spin and the ride so far has been a very solid one. Make sure to save a little extra room on your list for this one.

Mabel is rocking the radio world and in a very big way. Our music and radio programmers can’t seem to get enough of the debut single entitled “Don’t Call Me Up” (Polydor) & for good reason. This song is a gem from start to finish so make sure to keep it on the priority list. Also getting a big thumbs up from our vast panel of radio stations is the pairing of two giants in Lauv & Troye Sivan. Together they take it all the way with the ever strong and powerful “I’m So Tired” (AWAL). Khalid is also back at it with a real solid entry. “Talk” (Right Hand Music Group/RCA) is the one from him that deserves special attention.

AJ Mitchell

AJ Mitchell has been pushing real hard at the format and it appears to be paying off. “All My Friends” (Epic) is the latest from this multi-talented artist and it may be the tipping point that takes AJ all the way. Billie Eilish is a name you may not know just yet. All that is about to change in a very big way with the release of the ever strong and uber interesting “When The Party’s Over” (Darkroom/Interscope). Stations are coming in fast for this one and that is a true indicator to all of us that something very special is gong on here.

Ava Max is about as hot as they come these days. You can’t really go anywhere in the USA without hearing the single “Sweet But Psycho” (Atlantic). I must have heard it over twenty times in one day on the LA Top40 powerhouse that is KIIS FM and I must tell you that with very listen I seem to get totally hooked in. That’s still the great part of radio. It has the power to change your mind once you hear a song over and over again. Get on this one.
Lady Gaga

The pairing of Meek Mill and the always powerful Drake appears to be paying off in big dividends. “Going Bad” (MMG/Atlantic) is the jam that is working for the both of them. It’s a very well-produced track with hooks all over the place and that makes for a super hot single. Take some time on this one to be sure. Also that stellar pairing of the always amazing Lady Gaga and her director, co-star and singing star Bradley Cooper keeps re-appearing all over the radio. It’s a fact that “Shallow” (Interscope) has become a pop anthem and that there are still legs for the Star Is Born franchise to be sure.

Garrett Young is rocking the Top40 strong one again with “Colorado” (West Coast Collective). He was in the Los Angeles area with his sister Callie Young “on tour” and got raves for their performances. Word has it that if you get the chance to catch them “live”, you should do it. Oh and to add to that Garrett is a recent winner for our New Music Awards in the Top40 category so a big congratulations goes out to him on that.

The paring of Galantis with One Republic is becoming pure magic. Put your ears on the single “Bones” (Big Beat/Elektra) and you will not be disappointed one bit. Bernie Townsend has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. His new and red hot “No Good Will Come” (Gravel Road) is pulling in some rather impressive numbers. I’m also thrilled to see that Rob Georg is making some big moves for the single “This Ain’t My First Rodeo” (Coast). Ryan Human, another independent artist with a bright future is taking it to the bank with the strong and powerful “With You” (Ind). The band  Rebel Hearts are having a solid run at the format with “60 Years Ago” (RHR). Recording artist Devi is also “on fire” with her “Let’s Get Funky” and deserves some solid applause for how well the single has been received. I’ll have more for you next time right here.