Josh Roberts Named OM At Neuhoff Media/Springfield, IL

JOSH ROBERTS has returned to the NEUHOFF MEDIA/SPRINGFIELD, IL cluster as OM for the four stations, including Country WFMB-F, Sports WFMB-A-W296CJ, Adult Hits WCVS (96.7 BOB FM), and Hot AC WXAJ (99.7 THE MIX). ROBERTS, most recently at GREAT PLAINS MEDIA/BLOOMINGTON, IL, started in radio at WFMB-F while a junior in high school and hosted nights for eight years until leaving in 2007.

“BETH NEUHOFF, MIKE HULVEY, and I are excited that JOSH is ‘coming back home’ and will lead the charge at NEUHOFF MEDIA/SPRINGFIELD,” said NEUHOFF MEDIA/SPRINGFIELD, IL GM KEVIN O’DEA. “Welcome back, JOSH!”