Jake Owen has been building a strong story at Country and he continues strong again in 2018

Jake Owen has been building a strong story at Country and he continues strong again in 2018. “I Was Jack” (Big Loud) is his latest and it’s getting a big thumbs up from our panel of music and program directors. I think it’s one of his best so far. Also getting back in the saddle so to speak is Cole Swindell. His new and ever powerful “Break Up In The End” (WB/WEA) is pulling in some rather impressive numbers. We will see how this all plays out in the coming weeks but so far so very good for Cole.

Kelsea Ballerini continues to be one of the top female country artists around these days. She proves it once again as she takes “I Hate Love Songs” (Black River Entertainment) for a spin around the block. The early numbers for this one are quite staggering. I’m also really loving the new Morgan Evans single. Everybody appears to be raving about the strong and ever so catchy “Kiss Somebody” (WB/WEA). You may want to save a little room on your music playlist and your listeners will be quite appreciative.

Newcomer Jackson Michelson is making quite a name at the Country format. Many are raving about the single “Rollin'” (Curb) and for a very good reason, it’s really deserving of your love and attention. I’m also happy to see that Trent Harmon is back at the format. We first caught a glimpse of Trent at last year’s CRS and it’s so good to see that he’s finally getting the attention he deserves. This former American Idol star is taking the single “You Got ‘Em All” (Big Machine/Universal) out and about and this one is a real winner.

Lucas Hoge also has a single out at Country that needs your consideration. It’s entitled the “Power Of Garth” (Forge Entertainment) and what a great song this is. It’s a story that should be shared and enjoyed by all. It’s always good to see Alan Jackson back on the charts. Once considered the “king of Country”, he’s back with a little ditty called “The Older I Get” (ACR/EMI Nashville) and make sure you get some spins going for this gem.  Recording artist Chloe Collins is pulling in some good action for a brand new release. “Downpour” (CollinsHouse Music) is the title and be on the watch for this one.

The fabulous duo Al & Trey are pulling in some rather impressive numbers for their latest smash in “Kings & Queens” (Tide Productions). They have also been lauded at Favorite New Country Artists for this year’s New Music Awards so a big congratulations to this powerhouse team of talent. Keeper Of The Plains is putting it all on the line as they take the single “Keep On Rollin” (Barfrog Music) out for a spin around the block.

Dennis Ledbetter is making quite the name for himself. He’s out and about with the new track “Motel Blues” (Saint And Sinners) and it is getting a major early buzz. Also getting lots of love at the format is James Manning. The single “Turn It Up” (Ind) appears to be well on it’s way so you might want to help it out just a bit. Matt Hundley is also picking up some early believers. It’s all due to the single “Drinking Alone” (Melody) and nobody wants to have to do that.

James Dupre is taking no prisoners but he’ll take a hit when he has the chance. Many of you are loving the new “Hurts Good” (Purfectt Pitch) and why not – it’s the real deal. You also may want to spend some time with Zach Janson. The single is called  “More Of That” (Nashville Nightlife) and it’s a real delight to be sure. Recording artist and solid professional Jon Wolfe has a good thing going and wants the entire music world to know. “Any Night In Texas” (Lone Tree Music) is the new jam from him and it’s really worth some spin action.

As many of you know by now this issue honors the winners for our annual New Music Awards. Many of the artists in this issue deserve some applause and attention. I want to personally congratulate all of the winners and nominees. If you happen to be in the Nashville area come visit me a Legends Corner and let’s have beer and sing a song two. I look forward to giving you more useful information about all of the biggest Country hits next time for a very special Indie Artists Issue. Peace out.