It’s that time of year once again when we look to music to provide the soundtrack to all the events that surround our vacation time of year. From the past with songs like “Hot Fun In The Summertime” to “Summer In the City” and beyond, this has always been the very best time for songs that stay in our memory for years and years and years to come. Concerts abound as the artists and bands jump on their tour bus and or the band van to travel and perform “live” shows all over the USA. Even here at New Music Weekly we have been amazed at the amount of releases that have been pushed out there, especially from the major labels. Not all will succeed and in this competitive music industry, only the strong will survive. We will try to give you some perspective and analysis.

Taylor Swift

To be honest, with so much hope and hype sent out by the major labels, some of the promises appear to be a bit of a disappointing. Taylor Swift has had two singles that appeared to have #1 status but fell a bit short from her much celebrated “Me” single (Big Machine/Universal) to the just released “You Need To Calm Down” which still builds. Ed Sheeran released so many singles with multiple artists that it’s hard to tell which one is the “real deal”. There are a number of songs with the word “summer” in them, but most of them never really got off the ground.

I guess one could say that in the major artist arena, the Jonas Brothers held solid music numbers and spins this Summer from their #1 “Sucker” that still gets lots of spin action, to the powerhouse “Cool”, to their latest entry in “Only Human” (Republic) that appears to be a bit of a breakout. Sam Smith has a late summer entry in “How Do You Sleep” (Capitol) that many are latching on to. And of course, it’s another Summer for Post Malone who has taken Young Thug out with him for the single “Goodbyes” (Republic).

Solid late entries from the Independent arena include new ones from Joy Mover with “Heaven In Your Heart”, the follow up to her chart topping “Home Sweet Home”. Garrett Young follows his #1 “Colorado” with “Stray Cat Call” (West Cost collective). Billy F. Otis shines with his new “Front Page News” (CVB) the follow to his debut hit “Fantasy Across the Room” & Gramma Rikki who dazzled us all with her debut “You” is set to also take the new “It’s Over” out for a spin.  Recording artist Devi has also amazed this Summer with her brilliant and powerful “Heart Stone” & the band Total Life takes flight during the heat of the season with their new and powerful “A Great Love”.

Luke Combs

On the Country side of things for summer, you have to give the best title to Luke Combs with his “Beer Never Broke My Heart”(Columbia Nashville) & Thomas Rhett with is heartfelt “Remember You Young” (Valory Music/Big Machine). A last minute entry comes in from Kenny Chesney with “Tip Of My Tongue” (Blue Chair/WMN) that many are raving about. Independents abound with a new single from Ashley Best “Nothing Ever Seems To Do” to breakouts from Matt Williams “Rain Down Sunshine” (DJ), Rob Georg “Carry The Wind” (Coast), Eileen Carey and her “Meet Me Halfway (RolleyCstr) to Joey Canyon with his breakout hit single “Matter Of Time” (Glo-Dot).

New Music Weekly continues to offer the very best “tools of the trade” when it comes to breaking new music. From our tracking system STS, that helps to fuel our weekly charts to our advertising opportunities and beyond, we truly continue to “level the playing field” when it comes to including the battle between the major and independent music artists. We are always available 24/7 to help make your voice and your music heard all over the USA and around the world.

Just as the heat wave continues across the country, there still is one building strong in the music arena and make no mistake about that. Let’s just call this a “late Summer” as much new music abounds across the land. In the end it’s the audience that really has the say about what to choose on their playlist for the Summer of 2019.