GHS Update Pedal Steel String Sets

Battle Creek, MI, 4th September 2017 – GHS Strings is delighted to introduce their newly updated Pedal Steel string sets that include revised gauging as well as updated packaging.

Based on feedback from pedal steel builders and players, GHS noticed that the tuning used on these instruments has slightly changed in recent years. As a result, the design team revisited their pedal steel string sets, updating them to reflect this updated tuning. Now the E9 Tuning sets include a 012 string (previously 013) and the C6 Tuning sets feature a 015 string (previously 012).

The revised string sets are supplied in GHS’ Nitro-Pack airtight packaging, which carries the “Anti-Corrosion Guarantee.” If you ever open a pack of strings and find one oxidized or corroded, GHS will replace them free of charge.

The GHS Pedal Steel string sets retain all the same great tone and longevity across the range, now combined with more modern tuning. Whether you prefer the bright sound of stainless, the warm attack of nickel-plate, the modern edge of nickel-iron or the smooth tone of pure nickel. GHS pedal steel sets are ready for your repeated pitch bending and playing.

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