Fox And Bones Release New Single “A Strange and Wondrous Place”

On the heels of their fiery summer anthem, Fox and Bones deliver an autumnal ode to life’s idiosyncrasies with new single, “A Strange and Wondrous Place.” In perfect harmony, the duo turns an existential crisis into a beautiful moment of marvel. “A Strange and Wondrous Place” is now available to download and stream across all digital media platforms worldwide.

“A Strange and Wondrous Place” describes the world we live in as: fallible, yet, phenomenal. “The song was written before embarking on our 2019 US tour. It is a reflective piece focused on how society often incorrectly values the true worth of simply being alive,” Fox and Bones explain.  “It highlights the innate relationship that life and death share and hints that through it all, we have the power to become the person we’ve always wanted to be.” The duo aims to make listeners stop and actually take in their surroundings, as this world we live in is anything but mundane. From trips on an airplane to exchanging currency, Fox and Bones remind us of all the little moments in the grand scheme of existence that make up the whole. Mixed by Matt Greco and mastered by Adam Gonsalves, the song offers a gentle guitar and piano backing alongside the duo’s soothing vocals, resulting in a beautifully mellow fall track.

Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore are the people behind the personas “Fox and Bones.” In an effort to increase creative liberty, the two took a fictional approach to songwriting by using monikers. Fox is a down-an-out it girl, Bones is a rootless orphan bad boy with a heart of gold. The two fall for each other, hit the road and never look back, mirroring what happened to Vitort and Gilmore in real life. Fox and Bones, as well as Vitort and Gilmore, treat music as the soundtrack to their whimsical adventures that push the conventional limits of relationship roles and life goals. Their music and narrative have resonated with a wide audience; garnering praise from No Depression, Parade Magazine, Pop Matters, The Boot and more for their incomparable sound.

A Strange and Wondrous Place” is now available across all digital media platforms worldwide. Keep up with Fox and Bones at