Farrah Frostt Drops New Single “Work Hard, Play Harder”

Farrah Frostt releases “Work Hard, Play Harder,” the highly-anticipated follow-up to her debut “Not In The Mood,” a bold anthem of female empowerment which gained the artist instant notoriety when the video premiered this spring on World Star Hip Hop; to date the video has more than 110,000 YouTube views and the single has a solid 150,000 streams on Spotify.

Jumping from urban beats to a production favoring elements of Spanish pop with a featured vocal from newcomer Mateo, the artist explains how her background as a medical student influenced the songwriting of her new single: “My life is an integration of the arts and sciences. I took two gap years from med school to pursue the performing arts. I personally believe that intelligence is sexy. Drive, determination, and passion are alluring. After you put in all your hard work into your studies, you need an outlet— that’s where the play comes in.”

“Work Hard, Play Harder” is available on Spotify and all streaming platforms this Tuesday, October 1st. A music video directed by Rock Davis will be released on October 18th.