Fall Into Country

Kenny Chesney is back with another smash hit and it’s so good to see him in action after a bit of a break. “Till Its Gone” (Blue Chair/Columbia Nashville) continues to pick up Country stations by leaps and bounds and it’s set to move to the top of the charts in record time.  Carrie Underwood will no doubt be breathing down his neck (but he won’t mind that) as her new “Something In The Water” (19 Recordings Limited/Arista Nashville) also explodes at the format.  Hopefully they will both reach the top around the same time but who will win that race? We’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

Easton Corbin is back at it with yet another gem. “Baby Be My love Song” (Mercury Nashville) is the one that’s getting a big thumbs up from many of our music and program directors. I also really love the new single from Josh Turner. He is once again at his very best with the new “Lay Low” (MCA Nashville) & what a great vocal sound this guy has. We’re also happy to see that Trisha Yearwood is back at it. Just as her hubby Garth is set to break with a hit single, they had to have timed this release picture perfect to help the current world tour. “Prize Fighter” (MCA Nashville) is the gem that is on board and watch for some big weeks ahead for this one to be sure.

Dierks Bentley keeps cranking out the hits after a little bit of a break. His new “Say You Do” (Capitol Nashville) is getting a strong early buzz. We’ll see if this is the one they are really going after in the coming weeks. Lee Brice is singing loud and proud and why not. His “Drinking Class” (Curb) is finding plenty of room on Country radio playlists from coast to coast. Eric Church is taking his new “Talladega” (Capitol) out for a spin and so far it’s being met with open arms.  Chris Chitsey is back and it’s always good to hear from him.  “Lonely In Tucson” (Premier Nashville) is his new track and give this a few spins if you’re not on it already. Only good things will happen for you.

Brad Paisley is getting his act together for the Fall season. He has the “Perfect Storm” (Arista Nashville) to prove it and this one is rocking the boat pretty strong. I’m so happy to see that Darius Rucker is back at it and that is always good for the format. “Homegrown Honey” (Capitol Nashville) is another gem from one of the best vocalists on the planet. Also getting in on the action at radio is Chris Young. His new “Lonely Eyes” (RCA Nashville) finds Chris back where he belongs. You can expect some great things ahead for this major talent in the weeks to come leading right into the holiday season.

Recording artist David Aldo has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. His new “Got It All Right Here” (Render) has been picking up a good number of our reporters. Also getting some great action is Juanita Rose for her new “Tonight Your Yellow Rose Is Blue” (Rose Feather). MacLear & Waters are at the top of their game with “All That You Dream” (Meg) and that’s a very good thing indeed.  Thomas Rhett keeps the heat on the rest of the pack with his strong “Make Me Wanna” (Big Machine/Universal) which is fast becoming a real favorite around these parts.

Country recording artist Billy Bob Earl is off to a stellar start at the format. His new single entitled “Hard Times On The Run” (Momo Dawg) picks up a number of early believers and watch for some big weeks ahead for this one. Buck McCoy is getting raves and praise for his new single entitled “New Day Dawning” (Weir Brothers). Expect a solid run for the Buckster on this one to be sure. I’m so excited for this Fall season and all of the good things it brings from Football to the Fall Classic. The music is also top notch and will continue strong right up into the holiday season. I’ll have more for you on the greatest Country hits of all time right here next time so be safe out there.