Eli Young Band’s ‘Break It In’ Is a Tough Guy’s Love Song

Rich, near universal lyrics are the signature of the new Eli Young Band song, “Break It In.” The mid-tempo, Texas country-rocker gets around to being the broken-hearted love song you’re expecting, but takes shape in the memories of growing up anywhere in America.

Writers Benjy Davis, Brandon Day, Daniel Ross and Michael Whitworth use baseball, a first guitar and your favorite pair of blue jeans to begin what takes shape as a circle-of-life story. Singer Mike Eli hammers the nostalgia before the full band erupts with a still raw, but powerful chorus that expresses the virtues of the well-worn things in life. “Break It In” is more likely to be found in a truck commercial than one for the latest iPhone — it’s rugged and restrained, practical and familiar.

The toughness of this new Eil Young Band song barely lets up at the bridge. “Trucks break down and first love ends / Life goes on, and the world still spins / You find out your heart is stronger when / You break it in,” Eli sings to begin the song’s pivotal final moments. That’s the moment the band hopes you’ll soak in.