Dr. Martens Presents: Music & Film Series Kicks-Off With Rising R&B Artist PJ In Los Angeles

Highlighting voices that aren’t generally heard in the mainstream, the first-ever Dr. Martens Presents Music & Film Series kicks-off with rising R&B artist PJ (Atlantic Records). Directed by Erik Rojas and shot on location in PJ’s adopted hometown of Los Angeles, watch and share the exclusive premiere of the short film as PJ talks about her journey to success as an artist and how each day requires indefatigable tenacity. today, via HipHopDX HERE.

“The journey to where you want to be can be hard AF,” says PJ. “But just because it is, doesn’t mean you should quit, and just as hard as people will make it for you to get there, is as hard as you need to push back. Walls are either knocked down or climbed over.”

PJ quickly became known as a gifted songwriting talent, creating tracks for Charlie Puth (“Left Right Left”), Meek Mill (“I Don’t Know (Feat. Paloma Ford)”), and Wiz Khalifa (“True Colors (Feat. Nicki Minaj)”) among her many credits. She swiftly transitioned to the spotlight with 2015’s WALKING AROUND POOLS EP, followed the next year by 2016’s debut LP, RARE, highlighted by collaborations with G-Eazy and Ty Dolla $ign as well as the single, Tell Me (Feat. Jevon Doe),” which racked up over 3.5 million Spotify streams along with critical acclaim.

The North Carolina native returned in 2019, embracing a newfound confidence blending pop, soul, and country to create a distinctively original R&B approach PJ describes simply as “dripping in soul.” Her current single “My Best Life” and “One Missed Call” mark an inspiring new era for PJ’s unique artistry, with fresh music. Expect more to be announced soon. Listen and Watch “My Best Life” available for streaming and download HERE; the track is accompanied by an official companion video, directed by child. (Lucky Daye, Ari Lennox) and streaming HERE.

For the first-ever Dr. Martens Music & Film Series, L.A.-based filmmaker Erik Rojas and NYC-based filmmaker Vincent Martell have curated a solid lineup of performers that will share their stories of resilience and determination. They explore what it takes to succeed as performers realizing their own artistic vision in the music industry. Each L.A. and NYC concert event as well as the accompanying short documentary films created will provide an intimate look at the daily lives of working musicians and share a unique point of view as told by our filmmakers who have their own stories of resilience to tell. Confirmed music artists for the Dr. Martens Presents: Music & Film Series include Samia, Junglepussy, PJ, De’Wayne Jackson, L.A. Witch, Paranoyds, Sad Girl, OSHUN, Combo Chimbita, Phony Ppl and Death Valley Girls.

The next Dr. Martens Music & Film Series concert will be Wednesday, October 23 in Los Angeles in downtown L.A. with De’Wayne Jackson, RSVP HERE.

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