David Jackson Mueller Testifies In Taylor Swift Trial

 The second day in court and the first day of testimony in former KYGO/DENVER host DAVID “JACKSON” MUELLER’s lawsuit against TAYLOR SWIFT for accusing him of groping her, which led to his firing by KYGO, included MUELLER testifying that he may have touched SWIFT’s ribs and saying that audio of his post-incident meeting with station management was destroyed by an accidental coffee spill on his computer keyboard while he sent the files to SWIFT’s lawyers.

MUELLER has steadfastly denied inappropriately touching the singer at the 2013 pre-concert meet-and-greet, and repeated his denial on the stand, admitting that he may have touched her ribs with a closed hand while trying to reach around her posing for a photo.

On the audio files, MUELLER said he recorded a meeting with then-PD/host EDDIE HASKELL (HERSHEL COOMER) and VP/Market Manager BOB CALL but, after sending 19 clips to SWIFT’s lawyers (who said they got only 11 of them), the coffee spill and a water spill on a second computer prevented further clips from being sent.  Further testimony involved MUELLER’s assertion that HASKELL told him that SWIFT had jumped into his arms and he held her with his hands on her butt, which MUELLER dismissed as “one of his stories,” but he did not explain under cross-examination why he did not inform CALL about the story.

The trial continues TODAY (8/9).