Cumulus/Harrisburg, PA Swaps Frequencies For Country WZCY (Nash-FM), Top 40 WWKL (Hot 106.7)

CUMULUS MEDIA has flipped frequencies for two of its HARRISBURG, PA outlets. Country WZCY (NASH FM) is moving from 106.7 to 93.5, now the former home of Top 40 clustermate WWKL, which alters its slogan to HOT 106.7 as a result of the move. The swap enables HOT 106.7 to take advantage of the 50,000 watt frequency, reaching a larger audience across the HARRISBURG-LANCASTER, PA DMA. Concurrent with the move, the station websites have re-launched, at, and, respectively.

In addition to the signal swap, NASH FM has juggled its on-air lineup, with PD/afternoon personality CHARLES “CHACHI” ANGELO moving to mornings, teamed with co-host JENNA CLAY. Midday host ALEX HARLEY shifts to afternoons, followed by “NASH NIGHTS LIVE” in evenings and “THE BLAIR GARNER SHOW” in overnights. NASH FM also adds a new moniker, “YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD COUNTRY,” with a musical shift to more familiar, gold-based titles.

“We’re excited to be live and hyper-local with the best mix of Country music in all of the neighborhoods surrounding HARRISBURG and YORK,” said NASH FM PD CHARLES ANGELO. I’m looking forward to getting back to mornings with my on-air partner JENNA CLAY, and waking up HARRISBURG and YORK with local stories that affect their daily lives, all while playing the best of ‘YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD COUNTRY.'”

Added cluster OM and WWKL PD JOHN O’DEA, “Since 2001, when we first launched HOT, we have seen the station continue to go and grow in HARRISBURG. By moving HOT to the massive 106.7 signal, we now have the opportunity to reach listeners across the HARRISBURG, YORK, and LANCASTER markets.”