Sam Hunt is back at the Country format with a track that could be considered one of his best yet. “Kinfolks” (MCA Nashville) is fast becoming a real monster single and has been ranking at the top of the “most added” list for a few weeks now. Gabby Barrett is keeping the American Idol dream alive and well. “I Hope” (WMN) is the single from her that is getting a real thumbs up from radio and our music and program directors. She is a real true talent and we are thrilled to see her get the support that she so deserves. Although it’s a little too early to predict, so far so good for the fast-rising Gabby Barrett.  George Strait is back on track at radio and everybody is pretty happy about that. The current single “The Weight Of The Badge” (MCA Nashville) keeps George on radio and in a more current state. Watch for some big weeks ahead for this one. Chris Young is pulling in some rather strong numbers across the board for his current. “Drowning” (RCA/RLG).  Shane Owens is also getting lots of love and respect from radio and there is more to come. “Hard Luck Girl” (AmeriMonte) is the jam that really and truly deserves your immediate attention. Better yet, just give it some spins and watch the phones light up.
Lauren Alaina puts another feather in the American Idol franchise, and they are thrilled over there to be sure. “Getting Good” (19 Recordings/Mercury Nashville) is her latest and greatest and with her being a lead runner on this year’s Dancing With The Stars” this will no doubt help in rocking the vote all across the USA. Florida Georgia Line are back with yet another solid entry. “Blessings” (Big Machine) is the latest from them and it appears to be well on its way giving them yet another hit single at Country. Little Big Town are also back and that is always a welcome sight. “Over Drinking” (Capitol Nashville) is the latest from them and what a great song this is indeed. I’m so happy for them.
Garrett Young is rocking the Country charts again as he keeps building his fan base from coast to coast. “Stray Cat Call” (West Coast Collective) is his latest and greatest and what a fun and up-tempo this gem is. The Ashley Sisters are pulling in some rather impressive numbers for their “Crush” (GKM) single, so you may want to spend some time on that one. The Big Riggs Band is breaking fast all over the radio as their “She’s A Small Town” (DJ) takes flight.  Clay Union is also pulling in some rather impressive adds and spins for the single “Homegrown” (Dirt Hill). Might be time to give that a few spins my good people.
Justin Moore has got a real winner on his hands and make no mistake about that. ” Why We Drink” (Valory Music/Big Machine) has to be one of his best to date and the early numbers are telling the tale. Matt Williams has a new single that everybody is raving about. “Used” (DJ) is the track that is setting the Country world on-fire. One of our new favorites in Arvie Bennett Jr has another winner. “Where He Found Me” (Indie) is a heartfelt song that is sung with much love and you need to get on that one fast. The pairing of Carly Pearce & Lee Brice appears to be working wonders at the format. “I Hope You’re Happy Now” (Big Machine) is so good that you just can’t put it down. There’s a new song out and about from Ron Ramsey Jr that also deserves your immediate attention. “Comin’ Back Home” (Independent) is his debut to our charts and what a solid winner this one is from start to finish. Direct from Owensboro, KY he has a Hit people.
Ashley Best is rocking with his best to date and make no mistake about that. His brother actually told him that his current “Nothing Ever Seems To Do” would be a hit and what do you know, better listen to your brother Ashley. The follow-up to his chart topping “Cowboy”, this one is actually doing even better. Joey Canyon has a new single out and about that is one of his best to date. “Take Me Back” (Glo-Dot) is the one to watch to be sure.  Eileen Carey continues her winning ways as her latest “Meet Me Halfway (RolleyCstr) gives her yet another #1. All of the above should be considered when voting for our up and coming New Music Awards. See you in Nashville if you are in town.