Country August Summer Hits

Kenny Chesney is getting in on the late Summer action but in reality it doesn’t matter when he decides to release a single. “Tip Of My Tongue” (Blue Chair/WMN) is his latest and from the looks of how this one came out of the gate, it appears to be yet another chart topper for the great one. Thomas Rhett keeps getting raves and praise at the format for his latest from the panel of our music and program directors. They are jumping all over his “Remember You Young” (Valory Music/Big Machine) and for good reason, it’s just that good. Watch this one climb to the top of the charts in record time.

Eli Young Band

The Eli Young Band appears to be back on track and pulling out hit after hit. We’ve been getting nothing but strong reports from the single “Break It In” (Valory Music/Big Machine) and word his it that the band is set for a solid run with this gem. Caylee Hammack is a newcomer that appears to be on the right track. Many stations across the USA are jumping all over the track “Family Tree” (Capitol Nashville) so you may want to make a little room for this one to be sure. Luke Combs continues to have one of the Summer’s best out there as his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” (River House Artists/Columbia Nashville) moves forward to higher ground. If you are not all over this one, what are you waiting for?

Ashley Best is back at the format and he’s getting lots of love and support for his new gem in “Nothing Ever Seems To Do”. It’s the follow-up to his chart topping “Cowboy” and word has it that he might just hit the top again with this solid entry. Joey Canyon continues to amaze and that should be no surprise to the many that have been following his stellar career. “Matter Of Time” (Glo-Dot) is doing extremely well and appears to be well on its way towards the top of the charts. Craig Mecham also has a solid winner on his hands with the single “Driving Through Montana” (Coast), so get this on your list today.
Matt Williams

Matt Williams continues to shine bright at the format. Many are coming on board for his  new “Rain Down Sunshine” (DJ) and why not, it’s just that good and with the support system he has out there at radio there is not much that will be stopping him until he reaches the very top. Eileen Carey is pulling in some powerful numbers once again at the format. Her latest in  “Meet Me Halfway (RolleyCstr) along with a new strong video keeps her well above the pack.

Lady Antebellum are fighting the good fight as “What If I Never Get Over You” (Big Machine) picks up more believers. LoCash is also looking for love in all the right places and appears to be getting it with   “One Big Country Song” (Wheelhouse). Jennifer Porter is getting lots of love and support at the format for her current “Road To Redemption” (Cougar Moon) is it looks for Top10 status.  Rob Georg “Carry The Wind” (Coast) is also feeling the love from our panel & for good reason, he is the “real deal”. The James Thomas Band “Eileen” (Laser) is also pulling in some rather impressive numbers and that should tell you something about where this one is headed.

Jessie Lynn continues to make some rather bold and beautiful moves as the single   “What Happens…” (Dirt To Diva) takes flight. I’m also happy to report that Joe Lasher is taking it all the way as his new “That`s Gonna Get You Kissed” (Ind) picks up a numbers of early believers. Eric Burgett has a good thing going and make no mistake about that. The single “Swing Low, Sweet Old Cadillac” (Bow To Stern) is about to explode so make sure you get on this one. Kylie Frey also has a solid winner in “Ain`t Enough Beer”.

As you all must know by now, this is our big red-hot Summer issue. I’d like to applaud all of the artists in Country that are doing so well out there. I will have more for you on the greatest and latest country hits currently breaking on US radio right here next time. Have a Great rest of the Summer as this will all go in the music history books. We’ll see ya’ll then!