Composer and Songwriter Derek Schmidt Releases His Mystical Album Major Arcana

Combining his loves of songwriting, composition, and the mysticism of the tarot, Derek Schmidt creates his most ambitious work yet, the electronic dreampop project Major Arcana,  which was released on Bandcamp on March 1st.

Comprised of 22 original tracks, the album draws inspiration from the symbolism of all 22 trump cards in the tarot deck. Schmidt explores each card’s specific meaning through unique and enchanting electronic compositions, while also weaving together lyrics that are both personal and revelatory. The project is hypnotizing and enchanting, as he truly captured the significance of such a mystic tool to its users.

The project is altogether enlighting listening experience and Schmidt presents a reverent offering to the concept album tradition, joyfully borrowing from a multitude of genres, and creating a singular immersive art piece meant for the active listener.

Major Arcana is a five-year project that saw completion through the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Individual Artist Grant, one of SF’s most prestigious awards for individual artists.

Derek Schmidt is a queer composer and songwriter that has been working and performing in the Bay Area in solo performance and as the leader and writer of three different bands over 15 years: folk band All My Pretty Ones, queer electronic band Adonisaurus, and Oakland electronic band Partyline.

Be sure to check out his latest project, Major Arcana, and stay tuned for its release on Spotify!

Listen to Major Arcana HERE.