College radio is “rocking strong”

College radio is “rocking strong” already here in the New Year. This is our very special 2013 New Music Preview that will be the one to set the table for artists coming out with new releases. It’s also your “last shot” to rally for a New Music Award. We will be making that announcement in the next few weeks and we wish all of our artists and bands the best of luck. Now let’s check out some of the music that is making history already in 2013.

Wind-up Records’ New York recording artist Jillette Johnson will be touring through the Los Angeles area as she performs with Kris Allen on four exclusive dates. Jillette is currently on a large US tour in support of her recently released, smoldering debut EP, Whiskey & Frosting. With influences like Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Carole King, this 5-song EP is an intimate and boldly emotional fivesong collection of stately pop from a unique and unflinchingly honest artist. Johnson’s commitment to her distinct vision is thorough and uncompromising, from her willingness to explore the raw and controversial in her lyrics, to her unwillingness to give into tempting hot ticket-career opportunities. Johnson audaciously declined a high-exposure spot on the television talent show The Voice to keep her creative autonomy.

Everyone is talking about this girl! Nylon Magazine says: “Her VOICE. Jillette can sing and she’s not afraid to let everyone know about it. She rips through this song like a rock opera. It’s a little La Boheme meets Carol King in her prime.” And Amazon named Jillette one of their “Artists on the Rise.” Previous artists in this category include The Civil Wars, Elle Varner, and The Lumineers. Whiskey & Frosting was Produced by Peter Zizzo, widely respected for developing Vanessa Carlton and Avril Lavigne, and also Michael Mangini, esteemed for his work with Joss Stone, Bruce Hornsby, and David Byrne.

Following up the widely received video for “We Want Peace – Reloaded, internationally known musician and Peace activist Emmanuel Jal brings the video for “Cush,” the latest single off of his 2012 release, See Me Mama. Rescued from the ravages of being a child soldier at war, Jal was placed in the expanding sanctuary of school, and it is his experience that education has been the defining difference between war and peace, oppression and freedom. Jal uses his music, which he describes as unleashing a childhood joy, not only to celebrate but also to educate and the imagery in the video for “Cush” make use of the rich & long forgotten history of the Kingdom of Cush, Emmanuel Jal’s homeland in South Sudan. Known in the Bible as the “land between two rivers” Cush is one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, and from which so much was taken and can be seen in all civilizations since, including Ancient Egypt, (when it was thought for centuries to be the other way around). “Cush” is a powerful visual expression of Jal’s tremendous pride in his homeland and his vision for moving forward as a strong vibrant peaceful people with a visceral connection to their  magnificent past

If a picture is worth a thousand words…..then ICON is your thousand words. ICON takes the most iconic albums of our lifetime, and explores the behind the scenes stories with those who were there. Your hosts are music industry professionals, production company CEO Paul Doty and radio personality Roman Guzman. ICON was more than a year in the making, as Paul and Roman worked together on the project. They are instantly recognizable, the music and albums that have shaped popular culture in our generation. ICON explores the most memorable albums that you own, love and most likely know front to back. Now, you will be able to hear them in a whole new way.

Join ICON as they explore the stories. Paul and Roman have gathered some of the biggest names in the recording industry to contribute to making ICON the success that it has become. ICON
is free and it is interactive. They take a look into the making of the albums that the world has come to love. The guests on ICON are really second to none. From the beginning Paul and Roman decided that first emphasis was that the work be quality over quantity. They have the artists from the albums, the audio engineers, the producers, and the tour managers from the time the album was recorded. All “A” level guests. Yes, you are really going to love ICON!