December 3, 2023
LW  TW  Artist - Song (Label)TWS  LWS
11CHRIS STAPLETON - White Horse (Mercury Nashville)519516
22MORGAN WALLEN - Everything I Love (Big Loud/Mercury/Republic)468482
33JELLY ROLL W/LAINEY WILSON - Save Me (Stoney Creek/BMG)426435
84NATE SMITH - World On Fire (Arista Nashville/SME)415386
55CONNER SMITH - Creek Will Rise (Valory Music/Big Machine)411409
46CODY JOHNSON - The Painter (CoJo Music/WMN)407415
67DYLAN SCOTT - Can`t Have Mine (Curb)397397
98SCOTTY MCCREERY - Cab In A Solo (Triple Tigers/Sony)387380
109LUKE BRYAN - But I Got A Beer In My Hand (Capitol Nashville/UMG)374373
1110TIM MCGRAW - Standing Room Only (Big Machine/UMG)366366
1211CHRIS JANSON - All I Need Is You (BMLG)363362
1412GABBY BARRETT - Glory Days (Warner Music Nashville/WMG)352348
1513HARDY - Truck Bed (Big Loud)337338
1314DAN + SHAY - Save Me The Trouble (Warner/WMG)330350
2015CARLY PEARCE W/CHRIS STAPLETON - We Don`t Fight Anymore (Big Machine/UMG)321294
1916CARRIE UNDERWOOD - Out Of That Truck (Capitol Nashville/UMG)306312
2117CHAYCE BECKHAM - 23 (BMG)294291
2218PARKER MCCOLLUM - Burn It Down (MCA Nashville)287289
1719MITCHELL TENPENNY - We Got History (Riser House/Columbia Nashville)277330
2420RILEY GREEN W/LUKE COMBS - Different `Round Here (BMLG)274272
2721LUKE COMBS - Where The Wild Things Are (River House Artists/Columbia Nashville)272253
2622TYLER HUBBARD - Back Then Right Now (EMI Nashville)266255
2523SAM HUNT - Outskirts (MCA Nashville)254257
2924THOMAS RHETT W/MORGAN WALLEN - Mamaw`s House (Big Machine/Valory/UMG)246242
2825WARREN ZEIDERS - Pretty Little Poison (Warner Music Nashville/WMG)245243
3126TOMMY CHARLES - Second Chance  (Crank Music)230229
3027GEORGE BIRGE - Mind On You (Records)230230
3628KANE BROWN - I Can Feel It (RCA/SME)220197
5829GARTH BROOKS & RONNIE DUNN - Rodeo Man (Big Machine/UMG)219112
3430CHRIS YOUNG - Young Love & Saturday Nights (RCA/SME)215213
3231ROB GEORG - Won For Y`all  (Coast)209229
3832JORDAN DAVIS - Tucson Too Late (MCA Nashville)198184
3933JEREMY PARSONS - Life Worth Dyin` For  (MTS)183183
4134BROTHERS OSBORNE - Nobody`s Nobody (EMI Nashville)178178
4235MEGAN MORONEY - I`m Not Pretty (Arista Nashville/SME)174175
5036LEE SIMS - Alcohol Of Fame  (Adelphos)168142
4837OLD DOMINION W/MEGAN MORONEY - Can`t Break Up Now (Columbia Nashville/SME)167144
5338GLEN SHELTON - Before You (Jordash)165138
5439MARCUS KRUEP - I Don`t Drink Anymore  (Evolution)162136
4340SHAWN CAMPBELL - This Old Road  (Chance Music Team Management/Dirkworks)162162
4441TYLER HERWIG - Living In The Last Days  (Evolution)160160
4642BILL ABERNATHY - Hide Away  (MTS)159159
4543ZACH BRYAN W/KACEY MUSGRAVES - I Remember Everything (Belting Bronco/WMG)154159
5244CHRIS CHITSEY - Last Time I Saw You  (Clinetel)149139
4945JACKSON DEAN - Fearless (Big Machine/UMG)145143
5146DILLON CARMICHAEL - Drinkin` Problems (Riser House Entertainment)132141
5547RAY SHAVERS - Country Living  (Country Sides)122130
5748TAMOONA - Try  (Twelve Seventeen)121114
5649DENNIS LEDBETTER - I Never Gave Up  (Saint And Sinner)120120
6050JON PARDI & LUKE BRYAN - Cowboys And Plowboys (Capitol Nashville/UMG)116109