Cannibal Kids Release New Single “Love Girl”

Indie Pop/Rock band Cannibal Kids are scheduled to release their new single “Love Girl” on September 21, 2018 off their upcoming untitled album set to be released early March 2019 via Shaemax Records.

“While on tour a love song idea about being on the road popped in my head. I wanted to convey that no matter what happens while I’m on this adventure (touring), my thoughts and love are always with her,” Says front man Damian Gutierrez.

“Love Girl” is an infectious tune with new textures and instruments the band has been experimenting with in comparison to their last album, “BLOOM” which featured surf inspired sounds with catchy hooks and melodies. This new track features elements of funk, jazz, and R&B, which was consumed a lot while the band was on tour.

Guitarist Dustin Diaz adds, “We aren’t redefining but expanding on what Cannibal Kids is and what Cannibal Kids means to us. We love this song and we hope you do too” Their release will be in conjunction with a lyric video. The band will release a series of teasers starting September 17, 2019 in hopes to hype the single. They will also follow with a Midwest/ East Coast tour announcement for late October.

To download the song “LOVE GIRL” please visit