Canadian artist JoJo Worthington releases her new single “Stabilize” with music video

Worthington is currently getting ready to release her latest record, “TCYK,” which is due out June 7.

With recent single, “Stabilize,” she encases her experimental folk tendencies inside an electro-pop atmosphere, utilizing a series of thrumming synths and martial beats as a foundation for her expressive and ghostly vocals. The song feels like it’s constructed of fading dreams and hazy remembrances, possessing a contemplative but not overly fraught perspective on our emotional and physical interconnectedness with one another.

Watch: JoJo Worthington – “Stabilize”

‘’Stabilize,’ as in to focus and centre our thoughts; a concept that is much easier said than done,” Worthington explains. “This is a song that asks for community and support in order to help those around us who are affected by mental illness. In another parallel, it also pleads for mutual support among the sexes…to come together and “Stabilize” the world around us.”

The accompanying video, directed by Edward Platero, is a wash of vividly colored rooms and furniture, with Worthington garbed in matching colors. Whether sitting in a chair, plinking away behind an old typewriter or wearing a turtleneck that seems to engulf her face, she conveys a sense of melancholic introspection.

“Each scene in the video is full of chaotic and beautiful colours,” she says, “representing characteristics of mental illness that can prove to be difficult and inconvenient to deal with, but are not things that we should feel ashamed of. Those of us who do not know these struggles should always be ready to extend an open hand of understanding to those in need.”