Big Mother Gig Releases New LP

Big Mother Gig is back and ready to strike the music world with their new LP, No More Questions. In the midst of opening for the Gin Blossoms on the West Coast, Big Mother Gig has successfully revived their powerful, robust music style that reinvigorates the sound of rock ‘n’ roll. No More Questions is now available on digital music platforms everywhere, along with a limited quantity of CDs on Bandcamp.

Big Mother Gig’s, No More Questions is comprised of the old and new. Their last LP was released in 1996; returning to the industry, they are set on writing songs about the current state of the world. “We’ve been steadily writing and recording new songs ever since we hit the stage in 2017 after our twenty-year absence. We’ve been really inspired by world events, politics, social media and the current state of our minds today and these songs reflect that,” explains lead vocalist and guitarist, Richard Jankovich.

No More Questions was recorded and mixed by Dan Long and mastered by KRAMER. In reappearing from the 90s, Big Mother Gig wanted to have their music be true rock ‘n’ roll, just as it was back then. They composed vigorous tracks that are capable of reigniting the fundamental rock attitude. Big Mother Gig has not only kept their 90s rock roots, but expanded their musicianship. They brought in special guests, Dicky Barrett (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and Britta Phillips (Luna) to support their new LP. They also had the opportunity to co-write with acclaimed novelist, Rick Moody (The Ice Storm).

Coming together to reform Big Mother Gig are Richard Jankovich, Albert Kurniawan (drums), Micah Lopez (bass), and Mike Datz (guitar, vocals). The band have been lauded by success publications such as Alternative PressPASTENew Noise Magazine, for their 2017 EP, Almost Primed. Their follow up single, “(Let’s Make) Compelling Content” debuted at #7 on the FMQB SubModern Radio Chart. The band has also had the opportunity to perform with Soccer Mommy, LUNA, Gin BlossomsAlvarez KingsYawpers and more.

No More Questions is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms. To keep up with the upcoming works from Big Mother Gig visit their website at