Best Of AC40

Nick Jonas is taking his new solo career quite seriously. So much so that his new single “Jealous” (Safehouse/Island) is getting the push of a lifetime. It comes with shirtless photos and male model shoots, all of the things that are important when it comes time to changing your Jonas Brothers image. We’ll see how it all works out for Nick at the end of all this. We’re happy to report that Train is back with yet another gem at the format. Many of our music and program directors can’t seem to get enough of “Cadillac, Cadillac” (Columbia) and for good reason, it’s a very radio friendly offering. Gwen Stefani is back and make no mistake about that. “Baby Don’t Lie” (Interscope) is her latest and when you combine that with her new stint on The Voice (NBS) it’s a very powerful combination.

Magic actually has a follow-up to “Rude” that is surprisingly good. Just when we thought they were set to become another one hit wonder, they bring us “Let Your Hair Down” (RCA/RLG). We’ll see if this does the trick to put them back on top, only time with tell. Imagine Dragons has to be one of the best bands to come around since U2. Their new “I Bet My Life” (Interscope) brings them a notch closer to this dream. Bob Seger is back and that’s always a good thing for radio. “You Take Me In” (Capitol) is his new gem and make sure to spend a little time with this single released from the master of rock.

Ed Sheeran is wasting no time in bringing out his very best. “Thinking Out Loud” (Asylum/WB) is just another reason that this young talent is so red hot. Look for some huge weeks ahead for this gem. Lady Antebellum are moving from Country back into the pop world. They are hoping to take “Bartender” (Capitol Nashville) across formats and why not. Meghan Trainor is on the move once again. After her first huge smash hit she now brings us “Lips Are Movin’” (Epic/Sony) and radio seems to be embracing it with open arms. She’s truly an amazing new discovery and we wish her all the best.

Sam Smith seems to be making the most out of his new musical platform. His follow-up single in “I’m Not The Only One” (Capitol/EMI) is just as good and maybe even better than the first one out. Maroon 5 are about as hot as any pop act can be, “Animals” (222/Interscope) is really a monster single from them and Adam Levine and company can also thank The Voice for such an amazing platform. One Direction continue to win groupies by leaps and bounds. Right now they are taking “Steal My Girl” (Syco) out for a spin but word has it that there’s an even bigger and better single coming next week.

Ariana Hodes is a new artist to the adult contemporary format. Her new single “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” (Ocala/Big Round) is taking the music world by storm as it spends a second week high atop the AC “most added” lists from coast to coast. She’s also a potential New Music Award nominee so please keep that in mind. EmRey is making waves at the format thanks to “This Is America” (Ind). That Smokey Robinson and James Taylor Is getting raves thanks to the single remake of “Ain’t That Peculiar” (Verve).

Francis Bowie is getting raves from his new “Sex Drugs & Thrilling” (dGenerate) single. All you have to do is look at this week’s “most added” column to see why. Newcomer Alexandra Kay keeps making with “No More” (Nettwork/RED. Matt Backer, another potential NMA nominee, is rocking strong with his new “Histrionic Narcissist Blues” (Right). Bill Curreri has had a banner year just as his “Son Of An American Dream” (BCM) moves to new heights. Brandy Moss Scott ranks #1 again with “Benny & The Jets” (Heavenly Tunes). Marsha Jewell is also an NMA contender thanks to “Tomorrow” (Jewel Lane). Please keep many of these artists on your list for this year’s New Music Awards. I’ll have more for you on the greatest hits of AC next time right here my good friends.