Best Of 2012… So Far

It won’t be long before we close out 2012 and that’s hard to believe. We’re not quite there yet but it’s that time of year when we take a look at the artists and bands that have achieved the greatest chart success. New Music Weekly will now begin the process in determining which acts will “make the cut” for this year’s nominations for our next New Music Awards. This will be a combination of major and independent artists with a focus on the acts that had exceptional activity on our weekly charts. You still have plenty of time to “make your case” but starting with this issue, we get serious as we begin to look at the artists and bands that had the biggest impact in 2012.

We will also begin a dialogue with radio stations, music directors and programmers that will also be a part of this nomination process. NMW is so fortunate to have a stellar and vast group of radio stations. With the formats ranging from Top40, Country, AC, to College we have our work cut out over the next few months. As labels, artists and bands you can also help the cause by keeping the heat on your radio promotion team to get the best chart activity possible in order to find a place for consideration. All you have to do right now is to look at our charts and see the potentials that are out there and it’s a vast list indeed.

As financial times continue to be hard and the downsizing in the music industry continues, we have found the music to be abundant and quite strong. In fact, some of the very best music that has been hitting our charts as of late, has come from the independent arena. As the majors continue to struggle and to get a grasp as to what is becoming of our industry, make no mistake about it, our team of artists that are hitting the charts of NMW are “first rate”. The production and talent is better than ever and acts are finally starting to understand that it is important to have a strong team promoting their music.

The “team effort” is a very important tool, in making things happen for an artist or band. Recording artists who continue to understand that they can’t do everything themselves, from promotion, publicity to bookings, are the ones that actually make bolder and better moves. This does not mean that you have to be fiscally crazy but you need to be prudent and smart when it comes time to putting that team together. We can see the effect of those that do it well and it is evident in so many ways. Our panel of radio stations also appreciate the ones that come off as true professionals in every way.

New Music Weekly is also a springboard to bigger and even stronger arenas. Some of the acts that started on our charts in the early part of this year have now been getting Mediabase and Billboard chart activity. Some can be found on multi charts from FMQB to Indie World or on the Independent Music Network charts, with all of these moves helping to build an artist’s national profile. Getting your name out there in all of these charts makes it a stronger case for the tougher stations to ignore. If everybody out there is playing your music why shouldn’t they?

We continue to offer the best “tools of the trade” here at New Music Weekly. In the coming weeks we will begin putting tracks together for our next Future Hits compilation. This very special CD that will be serviced to “all of radio” will also include new and original “holiday songs”. If you are sitting on such an item or you just want to service your new single to music directors, programmers and radio, get in touch with us here at NMW and we’ll include you on the compilation. As for now we will be watching and listening to the very Best of 2012…So Far!